Run Run, Your Freedom

Every day we hear more stories of police brutality and it doesn’t stop.  Even when people are protesting and begging for justice, it still happens.  Oklahoma?  What is wrong with our country?  Why are police doing this?  Why?  The story goes so deep that most can’t understand.  This is not the platform to discuss but please understand that Cliché Magazine supports a movement that all life matters. We fell in love with this song, so we are going to share it with everyone!!!!

We stand with you and next to you….arm in arm, hand in hand.  The saddest thing is that we have no leadership.  Our PRESIDENT decided to do his own thing.  Never supported people fighting for rights that  EVERYONE should have.  Nothing else should be said about that.  We, the people….we are who cares.  No one else cares.  After all these years, corporations and companies want to speak up??  Why?  Because you might lose money?  Because you might loose brand affinity or brand loyalty? 

Shame on you.  It’s 2020 and this is beyond BAD.  We, as the greatest nation on earth should help our citizens, support them no matter their color and love them.  Unite our country…….don’t destroy it.  What is Trump doing?? Why?  By design or pure stupidity?  I guess we’ll find out soon. So many people love this country……DON’T destroy it.  Lift people up and make them feel that they matter.  Inspire them, create hope and take care of your fucking country.  We are so angry and very sad.  All lives matter, we are American?  Want to take our site down?  You can’t fire us……we stand united ad we are PISSED.

NO RIOTING. NO FIGHTING.  Don’t let them dictate how we react.  Search inside your soul and figure it out because NO ONE will do it for you.  One love, One peace and UNITY. 

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