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The Face Behind “GFaceMD”, Dr. Gretchen Frieling

Dr. Gretchen Frieling is a dermatopathologist and the CEO behind “GFaceMD luxury medical skincare line. GFaceMD is a medical skincare line designed to help define and re-vitalize the face by eliminating fine lines and wrinkles. 

Cliche : What inspired you to get into the skincare business?

As a dermatopathologist, I have always had an interest in skin health and skin diseases. We all have skin, and we all want it to look good! Effective skin care is essential and is also highly sought after. It is only fitting that in my medical aesthetic practice I would have a high-end, effective medical skincare line. 

How has the skincare industry changed since you first started?

The skincare industry is booming. People are caring more and more about the way they look. They are also more educated on different products and are taking care of their skin starting at an early age.

How do you overcome the challenges of getting your business off the ground?

Social media has been KEY to the success of GFaceMD in so little time. With all of the millennial on social media, it is imperative to target and engage them through Facebook and Instagram. You must brand yourself and make yourself different. GFaceMD has done just that.

What inspired you to name your medical skincare line “GFaceMD”? 

GFaceMD is the name of my company. The “GF” is my initials, “Face” is because I love to work on faces, and “MD” is for “medical doctor.” This is where the medical skincare line came from.

What are some of your favorite face products for the skin?

Hyaluronic Acid Serums are amazing for hydration, and even better when combined with a Vitamin C Serum. GFaceMD’s Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Serum and ProCollagen Vitamin C Serum are extremely effective, moisturizing, plumping, and correcting. Sunscreen is also imperative, and a good Tinted BB cream (30-50 SPF), like our GFaceMD Tinted BB, is one of the best anti-aging products around. It also feels like silky makeup and blends with every skin tone! Another proven anti-aging product is a retinol. GFaceMD Retinol is effective and contains soothing agents to prevent dryness.

Are there any locations that you want to open besides Boston?

We will definitely be expanding and are looking into a GFaceNYC. Follow us on Instagram @gfacemd to stay up to date!

If you were to give someone advice who is thinking about getting into the beauty industry and trying to start a business, what would it be? 

Stay true to yourself and go after what you want. It can be challenging, but finding a mentor or someone you trust to guide you along the way can be helpful. Keep your overhead low, get properly trained, and be honest with yourself and your patients.

How can people obtain your products if t How can people obtain your products if they are not located in Boston?

The GFaceMD Skincare shop is open 24/7 at and offers free shipping, nationwide.

Are there any upcoming products that you can share that you are excited about?

We hope to launch an acne line shortly, with products specifically designed to target and soothe acne-prone skin. Stay tuned!

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