Top 9 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

wedding planning mistakes

Today we want to share 8 common wedding planning mistakes and how to avoid them. Wedding planning is stressful, overwhelming, frustrating and nerve-wracking. But it can also be fun, hiccup-free, fruitful and fulfilling. True there are some things that you can’t control (like the bipolar weather or a DJ coming down with the flu), but there are a lot of things that you can help to prevent it from being a problem on the big day.

Logistics, budgeting along with best planning practices can help you achieve your dream wedding minus the mishaps. Here are the top 10 common wedding planning mistakes to look out for.

Mistake#1: You don’t sit down and include your fiance

The thing about weddings is that brides tend to dominate wedding planning more than their grooms. This in turn makes these ladies overwhelmed and stressed over the whole planning process. Then after which, they resent their husbands-to-be for being unhelpful. 

Mistake#2: Relying on Pinterest and magazines alone

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We bet you have a “Dream Wedding” Pinterest board with random eye-catching wedding ideas on the web. It’s okay to have a board with different wedding themes, but don’t simply glue the big day on it. Ask you and your beau what are the things you have in common and want to enjoy at your reception venue. List your priorities and what’s important to both of you. [Specifically when selecting the right wedding ring for both of you. Make sure it will both fit your taste and symbolize your relationship. In this part, it is best to research online, like Markman’s Diamonds, and visit some physical stores, so you have many options and designs to choose from.

Mistake#3: Not making a realistic budget

Sit down and make a realistic budget with your partner. List down all the estimated budgets for each category and be ready with a heart-to-heart talk about money. You need to list all the elements from the venue to wedding favors and designate how much money each one needs. 

It’s better to allot a canvas week so you can estimate every little detail of your wedding budget. It’s also better to overestimate than underestimate.

Mistake#4: Not thinking about the welfare of guests

Think about how comfortable your guests will feel during the whole wedding. We know it’s you and your beau’s day, but these people went out of their way to celebrate your special union too. Wedding planning experts suggest asking the maximum number of guests the reception venue can accommodate and reducing that by 10%.

Mistake#5: You don’t stick to your wedding theme

If you’ll be having a cottagecore wedding isn’t it inappropriate to wear a black or red color? Remember in everything you book or buy, you have to stick to the wedding theme. Inform the guests five months before the event to give them ample time for buying and altering their outfits.

Mistake#6: Sending the Save-the-date cards before finalizing the guest list

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We know you’re over the moon and want everyone to celebrate this milestone with you. However, don’t just send your save-the-date card to everyone before you finalize the capacity of the wedding venue. Inviting too many people is a disaster that’s waiting to happen when you get head over heels with sending out invites.

Mistake#7: You treat your vendors poorly

The wedding vendors are the ones who’ll help you achieve your dream wedding. They are professionals so don’t micromanage and feed them too. Give them instructions on how you envision the day you say “I Do”, but provide trust, care and creative license too.

Mistake#8: Not buying from bridesmaid dress experts

Whatever bridesmaid dress style you want, you need a go-to professional bridesmaid website to help you decide. Cicinia is one of the best bridesmaid experts with tons of styles, designs and wedding motifs to choose from. The bestsellers are the blushing pink bridesmaid dresses and royal blue bridesmaid dresses, which go well with both classic and unconventional nuptials. You can never go wrong with a bridesmaid dress expert.

Mistake #9: Not Being in Love with Your Wedding Rings

Alright, so this one probably sounds really weird, but there’s a lot of truth to it. So, when you think of wedding rings, you usually think of that generic gold band, and these two wedding bands for the bride and groom are just matching. So, there’s a lack of personality to them, nothing really unique, and other than sentimental value (and the symbolism), it’s going to be hard to truly be attached to this. 

Just like any piece of jewelry, you should be in love with your ring. They should bring you happiness, and you don’t have to limit yourself to gold bands. You could even instead opt for wood wedding rings  if you wanted to. Just be unique, be who you are, and don’t stick with the generic or traditional only for the sake that it’s traditional. You’re wearing this, so pick what you want to wear!

Avoiding Wedding Planning Mistakes

There are a lot of things that could go wrong in wedding planning. Some are manageable while others need time to be resolved. Learning and avoiding these mistakes can make your planning easier.

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