Tips for Planning a Late Summer Wedding

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Today we want to share with you our favorite tips for planning a late summer wedding.  Most people would rather have a summer wedding because it’s when most people have a little vacation time to get away.  It also helps that summer is super flexible when it comes to your wedding wardrobe.  Between the beautiful sunsets and warm weather, you have no reason not to plan a summer wedding but there are some unique challenges that you must keep in mind. Here are some important tips for planning a summer wedding:

Serve Light Meals

Heavy meals and heat do not go well together.  You should opt for a seasonal menu that has fresh produce and grilled entrées. A grilled skewers of fruits works well as an appetizer and for dessert, you can choose fruit pies and ice cream. A nice refreshing frozen cocktails or ice pop can cool down your guests on a hot summer day.

Wear Cool, Breathable Clothes

When choosing clothes, you should choose beautiful and  breathable dresses.  Are you looking for light bridesmaids gowns?  You should visit this site to see the available options. For your wedding dress, you can opt for a light, breathable material like silk to remain cool.

Are you feeling modern and bold? You should opt for a shorter skirt when choosing a wedding dress. However, if you cannot resist the typical heavy wedding dress, you can wear yours during the ceremony then change into something lighter for the reception. For the ultimate beach-casual look, the groom can pair a button-down shirt with khakis.

Provide Relief from Heat

Our tips for planning a late summer wedding wouldn’t be complete without discussing how to provide relief from the heat.  The sun is an important aspect of a summer wedding but your guests will be looking for ways to avoid the heat. To provide relief from the heat, you should include some air conditioning or shade at your wedding venue. For instance, if your guests will be sitting in tents, you can rent a few portable air conditioner units to keep them cool.

You can also keep the attendees cool during the ceremony by passing around ice-cold hand towels or cooling wipes. Have the ushers pass them to people before the wedding starts. You should also keep cold water within the reach of your guests. As soon as the dancing begins, you should move the water closer to the dance floor on a cart.  If your lucky enough to have a bar attendant, make sure they setup closer than usual.

Although focusing on the guests is very important, don’t forget about your vendors.  They should also have an area where they can grab refreshments and take an occasional break while they cater to your guests.

Don’t Start at Midday

The sun will be hottest in the middle of the day. For this reason, you should not start your wedding at this time. To avoid extreme heat, you should shoot for an early morning or late afternoon start time.  Try and schedule a sunset dinner then work backwards to figure out the timing for the rest of your event.  With a sunset dinner, you will have an opportunity to take some amazing photos.

Have Bug and Sun Protection

Before applying your makeup or dressing up, you should apply sunscreen to your face and any other body parts that will be exposed. You need to wear a foundation or moisturizer with SPF. In the bathroom for your guests, you should place some bug spray and a box of sunblock wipes.

Remember Save-the-dates

Summer is the best vacation time, with school-going kids on break. For this reason, you should consider sending a save-the-date cards to families with school-age children. This way, the families will mark the wedding date on their calendars and plan as necessary. Moreover, a last-minute invite is a bad idea – even single people make plans for months in advance.


Although summer weddings are ideal, they also come with a variety of challenges.  For this reason, you should follow our tips for planning a late summer wedding. During the summer, wedding venues are significantly more expensive. However, you can cut costs by opting for cheaper venues such as church halls.

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