End of an Era: The Office Says ‘Goodbye’

Photo courtesy of with image credi to Chris Haston/NBC

Photo courtesy of with image credi to Chris Haston/NBC

This is it. This is the end of an era. Season finales are upon us, and for the next few months, we will have to suffer without new episodes of our favorite shows. Some of our favorites will be returning in the fall, but some of them are gone for good. One in particular makes me a bit depressed: The Office.

I have watched this show since the start, and I cannot believe that it is gone from my life. I’ll admit that there have been some bad episodes over the nine seasons, and I didn’t have high hopes after Michael left. Sure, there was a bit of a rough patch, but this final season has reminded me why I loved the show so much in the first place.
I am more in love with Jim and Pam than I have ever been; Dwight’s proclamation of love for Angela filled my heart with joy; Angela and Oscar’s new friendship makes me smile; and don’t even get me started on the good-bye Daryl dance party. I felt my heart melt in my chest.
With Thursday’s episode, everything was wrapped up, and I have bittersweet feelings about it. I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now that it’s all over (okay, I’ll probably find a new show to obsess over, but that’s besides the point).
Not only did I lose The Office this week, but Bill Hader and Fred Armisen both left SNL.

Oh, how my heart hurts! Two TV staples of my life were gone from my life forever in just a few short days. But see, this happens every year. I lose something I love every year–like when One Tree Hill finished for good–but I find something to replace it.

The seasons may be ending and the character’s will stop growing, but they will always be online or in DVD collections to reminisce and love forever.

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