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Shomari Love Dives into the Chicago Drill Rap Scene in New Series, “Kold & Windy”

Shomari Love lives for the spontaneity of performance. “I love The ability to truly live in the moments created during a scene,” he says. He goes the extra mile to truly understand each role. “I do a lot of research and spend time building backstories for my characters. Even if the writer provides one, I flesh out those moments to better understand the character on a human level. This preparation came in handy for his latest character, Dirty, in Kold & Windy. “This is a gritty series about the Chicago Drill Rap scene. Dirty is a member of the J City crew who has ongoing beef with Kold and Windy. He tolerates music, but he is ruthless and his main prerogative is getting even.”

In many ways, Dirty is a walking emotional wound. “He is shaped by trauma and pain. He’s seen way too much death and violence, to a point that he’s become numb to it.” He lives by a code of loyalty. “Dirty is territorial. His loyalties are with the area he comes from.” Shelly runs the show under Dirty’s watchful eye. “Dirty is okay with not being in the spotlight. He doesn’t mind Shelly leading the crew, as long her focus is kept and terror is maintained.” Shomari enjoyed exploring Dirty’s motives. “This role was a welcomed challenge. I have played a similar role before, but this time it allowed me the opportunity to work with a character over a longer period of time.” He hopes for a smooth new year. “I would like peace and prosperity. Other projects are in motion and a few more passport stamps. God willing.” Kold & Windy is airing on WEtv now.

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Shomari Love Dives into the Chicago Drill Rap Scene in New Series, “Kold & Windy.” Photo Credit: Sen M. Floyd.

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