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“Instant Dream Home” Star Paige Mobley Teases Upcoming Film, “Love Virtually”

Host, actress, and TV personality Paige Mobley learned about flipping from the greats. “My parents taught me all I know about home reno,” she says. “They were jack-of-all-trades, and they really embodied both physical and creative spirit in the field.” Growing up in nearly 30 different homes by the time she graduated high school provided her with a mental catalog of design. She was unfazed by her seemingly unconventional childhood. “Honestly, it didn’t feel weird to me because that was my normal. We stayed in the same hometown, I stayed in the same school. It was unique, but kinda fun too!” The decision to pursue her own career in home renovation was obvious. “I’ve always known I would follow in my parent’s footsteps. My parents are creatives as well, with careers outside of home renovation. They always told me to pursue all of my entertainment dreams, but use my skills in home renovation as a side hustle.”

Her vast background of knowledge comes in handy in her current series lead role on Netflix’s Instant Dream Home, which puts her on a strict clock! “Instant Dream Home is a home renovation show on Netflix. In every episode, we give a deserving family a new home in just 12 hours! It’s a fast-paced show with a lot of heart.” That affection extends to her team, too. “My co-stars are the kindest people I know. We have gotten along so well from the moment we met and I genuinely love working with them.” Paige has become a firm believer in the magic of teamwork. “The show has really changed my outlook on timelines! A lot can happen in a day with so much help.” She also has a new film coming out, Love Virtually. “Love Virtually is a romantic comedy that is half live-action and half virtual reality. It’s really unique and I think audiences will love it. I play Kimberly, one of the romantic leads.” She wants to continue to expand in both the home renovation industry and the acting world. “I would love to keep performing and entertaining people. However that comes to me, I’m open to it.” We will be excited to see Paige in any format! Instant Dream Home is now streaming on Netflix.

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“Instant Dream Home” Star Paige Mobley Teases Upcoming Film, “Love Virtually.” Photo Credit: Coco.

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