Equinox Has Launched A $40K Gym Membership With A Lab-Test Startup — Here’s Why

Equinox Has Launched A K Gym Membership With A Lab-Test Startup — Here’s Why

Equinox has reportedly launched the world’s most expensive gym membership.

According to NBC News, the exclusive fitness chain has kickstarted a $40,000 annual program geared toward helping people improve their overall health and longevity.

In partnership with lab-test startup Function Health, Optimize by Equinox, is a personalized health program curated by the company to equip participants with a variety of services, including personal training, nutrition plans, sleep coaching, and massage therapy. 

“It’s really a paradigm shift in how we’re able to live with vitality and avoid suffering,” Jonathan Swerdlin, co-founder of Function Health, said. “It deals with what’s above the surface, your abs and glutes, which you can see in the mirror, that are great. But it also deals with what’s below the surface and what you can’t see in the mirror. And that’s revolutionary.”

Kicking off with a range of tests, the program is part of the emerging market for longevity and wellness as more people are buying into medicine, biotech, fitness, and nutrition for the chance to slow down the effects of aging.

Function Health will test members for 100 biomarkers covering the heart, liver, and kidneys as well as metabolic and immune systems, cancer markers, and nutrients. On the other hand, Equinox will also run its battery of fitness tests, including an individual’s VO2 max, strength, and movement range. Tests are repeated twice a year.

From there, an Equinox “concierge” gathers the tests and data so the information can be reviewed as a whole to determine the member’s best personalized plan, one that can help meet their needs and improve their overall health and fitness.

“It’s the same as Formula One or an athlete, where you are given a team of top experts in all these different verticals, to design a program based on all the data that we collected,” said Julia Klim, vice president of strategic partnerships and business development at Equinox.

With the Optimize membership, participants of the program can expect to have three, 60-minute training sessions a week by way of a top-level trainer as well as two half-hour sessions a month with a nutrition coach. Additionally, each month, members receive two half-hour sessions with a sleep coach and one massage therapy session. 

The program, in total, ends up providing 16 hours of coaching and training every month.


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