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Amanda Sater: The Luxe Lion

Style blogger Amanda Sater knows just how to remain cool and collected through her fashion and beauty while living in the sunshine state. She shines just as bright as the sun in Florida with her own original style in which she experiments on standing out, expressing herself, and wanting to show other young women that it’s okay not to fit into a “category” that we often see in today’s society. To Amanda, it’s all about using what you have in your own wardrobe, and she shows just how it can be done with her own pieces in her closet. She’s easily and uniquely stylish, and we love how Amanda is a little bit of everything from Blair Waldorf and Little J in Gossip Girl to glitter and punk-rock in trends. She’s not afraid to try out something new, and in doing so she makes us dare to go out there and rock anything. Check out her tips for rocking your own unique style below!

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Cliché: What are you​r​ beauty/fashion routines?
Amanda: I’m a big morning person, so I usually shower and brush my hair (it’s naturally straight, so I don’t use any products!) before figuring out my outfit and makeup. I usually have one piece that inspires me for the day, and I build the rest of my look around that. For makeup, I use foundation, cover up, and liquid liner, and I curl my lashes before applying mascara!

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
I definitely think my overalls from Agape Boutique, my cheetah-print Anthropologie oxfords, and my cat-eyed sunglasses from Nordstrom are my fall essentials.

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