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Erica Ligenza: Coming Up Roses

Meet Erica Ligenza from Coming Up Roses, a blog where she shares snippets of her life with her readers. From love and adventures to girl chat and fashion/beauty tips, Erica keeps her blog posts interesting and eye-catching each week. Posts like “This is me” and “I think I’m a feminist” allow us to dwindle down and really get to know who she is. She’s unapologetic when it comes to letting her readers into her life, letting us become much closer while getting to know her (it’s a bit Taylor Swift-esque, which we never will be able to get enough of). Erica’s blog allows her visitors to sit down and be real; there is no covering up, playing pretend, or making herself polished and perfect. She’s an honest gal who many of us would feel has been a girlfriend we have known for years. We chatted with this incredible and awe-inspiring lady about fashion and beauty tips for our Style Column, so take a peek at her awesome answers on these topics. We’re sure you’ll want to take some notes down too!


Cliché: What are you​r​ beauty/fashion routines?
Erica Ligenza: I definitely don’t have a set fashion routine; my wardrobe and personal style are both in a constant state of evolution and flux, so I just take to getting day-to-day inspiration from Pinterest and fashion blogs. My beauty routine changes with the seasons. Since it’s chillier now, I’m heavier with moisturizing and experimenting with shea butters and lighter serums for dewy glows. But my #1 beauty secret? Drink water! No matter the season, I see a transformative difference with my skin overall when I’m well-hydrated. It’s really all about glowing from the inside out!

Name the top three products you couldn’t live without this season.
To steer clear of the cliché, I’ll avoid the p-word at all costs (you know, the one that sounds a lot like “bumpkin”?). My hair tends to get a bit more flyaway when the temperature drops, so oils are my friends: argan, moroccan, and coconut oils! My favorite is a healing dry argan oil mist by Organix—I swear it works miracles. Otherwise, my go-to body lotion is Nivea’s Smooth Sensation with Shea Butter and HYDRA IQ (the blue bottle). It smells fabulous and moisturizes like mad. Lastly, I love experimenting with stronger lip colors in the fall, but they can’t suck the moisture out of my lips! (Sense a theme yet?) Clinique’s lipsticks have always been one of my fall favorites, as they last long without drying. But my new drugstore addiction is the Maybelline Color Sensational Color Whispers line. It’s one of the softest and creamiest drugstore lipstick lines I’ve found, so it’s one of this season’s must-haves for me.

Any staple items that you think are ​fall ​must-haves? 
Chambray shirts, dark chiffon scarves, legwarmers, fingerless gloves, and ridiculously fun statement necklaces to wear over solid neutral sweaters. I’m also a huge advocate for a killer tote come fall, since I’m a collegiate with way too much stuff to haul around. I love my own metallic MK bag, but I recently discovered Dagne Dover. Their totes are really quintessential for carrying around everything while staying ridiculously organized.

What’s your number one tip to feeling good in what you’re wearing?
Twirl. Literally. While the fashionable effect is most evident in skirts and dresses, just give a little twirl in front of your mirror before walking out the door, and you’re bound to be smiling. And dress for the day! If you wake up feeling a little more body-conscious one day, don’t wear your skin-tight skirt or top…go for a looser look and just work it.

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