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Are you the type of gal that must get their fashion and music fix regularly? The trendy nature of both insists that one must stay “on their game” if they have a desire to be on the “cutting edge”.  The paparazzi is happy to provide media outlets with the latest photos snapped of celebrities. Then, these media platforms post the photos so fans can emulate the style.

How fashion and music blends together is intriguing. Think back to the last concert you attended. Happen to take notice of the apparel of the attendees? Of course, you did. Hard not to. The correlation between music and fashion is inseparable.
When the time comes for a little Hip-Hop fun, a style is back and better than before. We will cover all these areas, as we know how important staying atop of the ever-changing trends are for those who love to have an “edge” in their life.
Snag Her Look
snag her lookThese celebrities are so cute on screen. Thanks to photographers (can you imagine having someone photograph you every time you went out in public?) we can check out what our favorite celebrities choice is in streetwear and evening wear.
Much to our surprise, they are just as cute in a pair of jeans and basic top! No longer will we have to sit with sad faces browsing through those red carpet images of Lucy Hale in a $25,000 dress. Is it reasonable to expect that I can afford that dress on a waitress salary? We can steal the style of our favorite female celebrities in their “out and about” fashion choices.
With Inspiration Comes Change, or a Comeback
The intertwined nature of music and fashion provides the artistic individual with a platform to showcase their creative talents and pay tribute to their influences. Many musicians have taken the foray into fashion design, channeling their creative nature into lines of clothing.
Nostalgia is playing a key role in recent trends. The 90s’ babies are grown up now, and leading the charge to an appreciation of their generation. Continue to keep an eye out for the styles that “were”, which now have “become.”
Hip-Hop Fashion

hip hop fashion photo

Photo by bobbi vie

Sweat pants, baggy at that, were the pants of choice for Hip-Hop enthusiasts in years past. The music has evolved, and with the transformations in the beat has come tighter fighting clothing. This complements the tighter movements with the music.
Now, you can browse through the selection of harem pants at sites such as Just For Kix. Many times, the question will arise as to what type of top should be worn with these pants. Experience shows that a tight fitting top works best. The fluidity of the movements is best choreographed with this pairing of attire.
Enjoy your youth, regardless of the number affixed to your age. It’s a way of life, a mindset that can carry each of us through the good times and bad with the “edge” we crave.
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