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Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute

Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute

Born out of the pain that blog creator Nicole Leslie felt in losing her mother at only 15, the now 18-year-old has created a platform where she can honor her mother’s memory. Remembrance Wardrobe features Nicole showing off outfits made up of unique combinations of her mother’s clothing and her own. Along side that, Nicole features lines of her mother’s poetry with each post. In this way, she’s created a place where she can show off her mother’s talent and style. We got a chance to learn more about Remembrance Wardrobe.


Cliché: Why was it important to you to start Remembrance Wardrobe?

Nicole Leslie: The importance of starting the blog, was to create a platform where my mom’s poetry and clothing would be seen. I felt that she never was recognized for her talent, even though she has passed away, I want her poetry and stylish clothing to be seen and appreciated.

Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute


Why was a fashion blog the right platform for remembering you mother?

I’ve always enjoyed fashion blogs, and creating one, popped up in my mind when I tried on my mother’s clothing. I think displaying her clothing as outfits with my clothing, creates a meaningful message. Talking about grief with fashion, makes people think of style and clothing in a different way.

How has working on the blog helped with your grief?

The blog is like my journal, I get to post outfits I put together, and talk about grief and being a motherless daughter. When my mom died, I didn’t deal with it, in a positive way, it made me feel very negative, and I knew I needed to change that. I decided to write about it, and I realized that it made me feel more understanding and accepting of my mother’s death.


Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute


What’s your process for deciding what to post?

I try to plan ahead of time, like figuring out what outfit I will put together. I then take many photos, and the majority of them I delete. The ones I choose to post are the photos that display the outfit fully, and then a few fun ones, like me jumping in the air or dancing.

What do you hope people take away from your blog?

I hope people view death and grief in a more positive light. I think grief and death isn’t talked about a lot in society, and that needs to change. When I was 15 years old, right when my mom died, I didn’t have many young motherless daughters to relate too. I want Remembrance Wardrobe to be a blog where people see that talking about loss, and remembering/honoring a late loved one, is a great way to understand grief and loss.

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Remembrance Wardrobe Uses Fashion to Pay Tribute: Image Credits: Nicole Leslie

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