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Lindsay Hearts on the Business of Fashion

Lindsay Hearts on the Business of Fashion

Today we want to share an interview with Lindsay Hearts on the business of fashion.  Lindsay Hearts is an entrepreneur and founder of the Foxblood fashion line.  As a former stylist, Lindsay has worked with a number of recording artists including Slash, and the members of Megadeath and Steel Panther. And her designs have graced the runways of the prestigious New York Fashion Week. In 2017, she created Foxblood – a modern, ready-to-wear line for those inclined to the darker side of fashion. We caught up with Lindsay to discuss her thoughts on fashion these days, her Foxblood line, and her new menswear line, Blackwell LA.

When it comes to designing, who is your muse?

Lindsay Hearts

The confident LA girl who knows exactly what she wants with an awesome, empowering Spotify playlist. 

Foxblood has made a name for itself in the fashion space. What has been successful for you in running an online store?

Consistency is key with photography, editing, and of course, social media. It’s important to have consistency with not only your vision, but with your voice as well. I personally think this is the fun part, where you can really gain and connect with an audience that counts. 

It’s Friday night, you’ve had a looooong week. What are you doing to unwind?

In Covid times, one of my absolute favorite Friday night activities is going to a drive-in movie. Being in Los Angeles, we’re really lucky to have about three different options to choose from on any given night. 

What are you wearing for Halloween?

One of my best friends, Morgan McVay, who owns Onyx Lash, is going to turn me into a killer clown. Then we are headed to see Poltergeist at The Greek Theater, drive-in style of course! 

Lindsay HeartsYou’re launching a new menswear line, Blackwell, November 1st. How did that come about?

I’ve wanted to start a menswear line for so long but never have, and I got lucky enough to meet the right person, in the middle of the pandemic, at a time when I really needed to be inspired to do something new. DREHAIR asked if I would be interested in making men’s clothing and we immediately got to work. It just became this very cool pandemic project to keep my brain moving in a positive and creative way.

Favorite splurge item (Saint Laurent bag, Gucci shoes)?

I feel like sunglasses are my splurge item because they can instantly transform any outfit. You could be wearing sweats and a messy bun, but with a killer pair of shades your confidence will sky rocket. 

What has been your best TV/movie discovery this year?

The Savage Fenty Fashion show by Rihanna was beyond inspiring. Listening to Rihanna talk and describe her creative process really hit home with me. I haven’t felt that connected to another brand in a very long time. I really believe everybody should watch it — it’s amazing to see the diversity she’s including in her brand that barely anybody else is doing. It should be mandatory if you own an apparel company, in my opinion. 

Where’s the first place you’re going when things get back to “normal?”

Back to New York to see my family; it’s been too long to be separated from them. New York is always inspiring, especially in the fall, and I’m really sad I can’t be there right now to see the season change.

I see you’re a plant lady. Is there a plant you’re currently obsessed with?

Anything I can propagate. I have tons of glass bottles everywhere. I literally won’t let anybody throw away glass bottles because I fully plan on growing a new little plant baby in all of them. I think my favorites are Monsteras or Vining Pothos.

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