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Henry Cavill’s Response to Superman News on Instagram

Henry Cavill’s Response to Superman News

In case you weren’t already confused about the recent news concerning the future of Superman, then Henry Cavill took the opportunity to make it all a little bit worse. On Wednesday, we were told that Henry Cavill is most likely hanging up the Superman cape forever. But then Cavill’s manager stepped in to make sure we knew that Cavill may not be exiting the role and the DCEU. Warner Bros. followed by stating officially that there have been no concrete decisions. The main point? There are no Superman projects in the works. The only confirmed project in the Superman universe will be a Supergirl film. While it does seem pretty likely that Cavill won’t be appearing as Superman again, who knows. Maybe WB will agree for another sequel in the near future, maybe not.

Henry Cavill’s Response to Superman News

The actor, who starred in three films as Clark Kent, will appear next in a Netflix series titled The Witcher. As if fans weren’t feeling confused enough, Cavill posted an Instagram video that raised even more eyebrows. In the video, Cavill wears a “Krypton Lifting Team” tee shirt and plays with a Superman action figure. Whatever his intentions, the bizarre post gives a mixed message. 

Below is the Instagram post from Henry Cavill on his official account @henrycavill


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Henry Cavill’s Response to Superman News on Instagram. Featured Photo Credit: Zack Snyder, Vero 

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