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Harry Styles Re-Introduces Himself in Debut Album

Yes, it’s true. The Harry Styles finally took his swing at releasing his own music. Did he hit it out of the park? YES, HE DID! It was only a matter of time for Harry to drop his own music, but we all knew this was coming. Since his days in One Direction, die hard fans knew Harry was scheming away during his flights with his brown journal that was basically glued to his hand. It made a cameo in almost every paparazzi photo that had fans wondering, “What is in that journal of yours?”

Well, I think it’s safe to assume that they were lyrics to his debut self-titled album which released last Friday, May 12th. That’s when the heavens opened and all former/current Directioners went off in the Twittersphere, expressing their love of the album. And, they’re right! They have an absolute valid point to type in all caps because we agree. 
A few weeks prior to the release of his album, we were already familiar with “Sign of the Times” and “Sweet Creature.” This isn’t the 2011 upbeat Up All Night sound. In these two songs alone, you can already hear the huge influence Harry had on Made in the A.M. whose tracks were very folk sounding versus pop. OK, I digress. This isn’t about One Direction. We’re focusing on Harry.

First-time listeners of Harry most likely had to second guess who they were listening to. The fact that we’re clearly focused on one solid voice allows you to realize how well he fits this genre of rock n’ roll and pop-rock. In several tracks, we get a hint of The Struts to Weezer. The fluidity of his voice is nothing new but for those finally taking the image of Harry being a pop-infused boy band member, it could understandably be a shocker.
The absolute favorite track of ours is “Woman,” which gives you that “Benny and The Jets” vibe, followed by “Carolina.” The 10-track album inevitably had people searching for that one “Taylor Swift song” which some speculate is “Two Ghosts.” With lyrics such as “Same lips red, same eyes blue. Same white shirt, couple more tattoos,” I kind of want to make the assumption, too. But, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Harry, we are in your favor. You have undoubtedly showed us that you are able to handle this solo career. This is a whole new chapter for you and we’re here for it.
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Harry Styles Re-Introduces Himself in Debut Album: Featured image courtesy of Billboard

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