Elliot Lee is an Important and Authentic New Alt Pop Artist

Elliot Lee is an Important and Authentic New Alt Pop Artist

By Ashley Castillo

Elliot Lee is a dark pop sensational new artist creating their mark in the industry with their new single “FUN”. Elliot is LGBTQIA+, openly nonbinary, and an advocate for Autism Awareness. Behind the creation of their music is the idea of being boundless. “Fun” is a song about neurodivergence masquerading as a song about wanting to be famous. They wanted to create two different worlds to intertwine as one. They know the world of fame seems appealing to the eye; however, there is a lot at stake if they are famous as a neurodivergent person. Elliot Lee has millions of plays on Spotify, and their music has been added to well-known playlists such as New Music Friday, Indie Pop, and Bedroom, among others. 

Elliot Lee is living their dream of a career as an artist. They are in the field they once dreamed about at a young age. They would sit on the bathroom floor all summer, trying to emulate their favorite singers and dreaming of releasing music and being on stage. It was the only path they could see themselves on with the feeling of being born to do this. They write music to connect with their audience by writing what they feel they need to hear at the moment. They step out of their own narrative and become the musician they need in their life. Although there are many artists, Elliot Lee would like to work with one day, a few that they could think of are Marina, Cake, Twenty-One Pilots, ABBA, Joywave, and Daniel.

As an autistic person, Elliot Lee brings their audience into their world as an artist, authentically connecting with those that feel different. What made Elliot decide to be open about autism is feeling lonely and isolating at times. Understanding being different in society with having someone you look up to or who has the same experience can make someone feel understood in a misunderstood world. What autism represents for them is that it represents all the parts they love and the parts people have hated. Their perception of autism has allowed them to teach others about this diagnosis as someone with it and change the narrative of stereotypes. They offer open conversations for those with questions that are filled with curiosity and have an understanding of those that get the language wrong or are only aware of the stereotypes that are given within society.

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Elliot Lee is an Important and Authentic New Alt Pop Artist. Photo Credit: Kelly McKerr.

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