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Winning Bridal Shower Games

It’s wedding season and for those deemed suitable for maid-of-honor duties, you know the road is not always smooth and silky. Of course you want to give your best friend the day of her dreams, but you don’t want to take the easy road out. You want to spice up her last weeks of freedom, while at the same time give her peace of mind during the final stretch of stressful planning. Most likely, you have high hopes for her bridal shower and are looking for ways to make her day bright and fresh. You’ve booked the venue, invited the ladies, scheduled the catering, and even managed to keep it all a secret. Now you’re in a pinch trying to figure out how you’ll spend the few hours that your bride is not opening gifts.
If you’ve ever attended a bridal shower, you know that quirky-girly games are just, plain and simple, part of the bill. Bridal shower games give your party just the right amount of distraction, while engaging everyone and filling the room with guilt-free laughter. Here are a few guaranteed-to-be-loved bridal shower games that will kick any party up a notch:

1. Sweeten Up the Bride

While the cocktails are being served, and your bride is socializing, encourage the party-goers to take a colored index card provided on each table. On this they will write the word that best describes the bride-to-be. Collect the cards in a savable container and read them out loud to your bride before the food is served. This collection of encouraging words is something she can go back and read when life gets her down, or she’s simply remembering her special day.
2. Toilet paper wedding dress
After the attendees are fed, tell every table to nominate a model for your next activity. Then whip out the 82 pack of toilet paper. Each table will have 10 minutes to create a miraculous wedding gown out of toilet paper that will be judged by the bride. Whichever dress the bride chooses as most beautiful, that table will receive some sort of candy prize and an exclusive picture with of the faux bride and real bride.
3. Pin the Undies on the Groom
To end your party with a smash, tell the ladies to send up a different nominee from each table. On a poster board, tacked with a blown-up picture of the groom, the ladies must blindfoldedly pin pieces of lingerie. When each lady is finished, and the room settles from laughter, the bride will evaluate which panty is in the most outlandish location – that’s the winner!
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Although party planning might be stressful, keep these games on hand for guaranteed favor of the bride, and you’ll be one step closer to sighing in relief. To all the maid-of-honors out there wiping sweat from their brows: what are your winning bridal shower game ideas? Tweet us now @clichemag!

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