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The Bath Cafe Review

Calling beauty lovers everywhere! The Bath Cafe is one beauty care company you are going to thank us for telling you about! Established by military-veteran couple Nicole and Michael Amos, the Bath Cafe was made with the sensitivity of all skin types in mind. They provide creative, affordable, and all natural products free of parabens and harmful chemicals. The products are made with organic ingredients that are USDA-approved, such as almond oil, that give off a spa-like comfort. Each product is handmade and cruelty-free, focusing on the care of your body in the most high quality way. Their line includes original bath bombs, candles, nail polish, skin treatments, and much more. We were delighted to have the pleasure of reviewing some of their incredibly scented products and couldn’t wait to share them with you. Let’s just say that raving about them is exactly what we’re going to do!


Nail Care
The Bath Cafe’s nail polish collection is one you certainly want to try out for your next manicure. The nail polishes are all hand mixed using original colors instead of artificial coloring, allowing them to be much more naturally pigmented. They are free of parabens including toluene, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate (DP) as to not harm your nails. A creamy formula is packed into each bottle that is said to last up to 7 days. That sounds like heaven to all of us hardworking gals!

Before starting my fabulous manicure, I slathered a bit of the Bath Cafe’s Lemon Butter Hand Creme on my hands. A little dab is all you need for your hands and heels! It goes on smoothly, and you can feel your skin absorbing it as hydration. The formula contains natural Shea Butter, Vitamin E, and Sweet Almond Oil that create an absolutely delicious scent of lemon butter. It smells so scrumptious, you’re going to want to try and taste it! A bonus is that this product is vegan friendly, too, for any of you that practice being vegan.


lemon butter handcreme.JPG

White Affair, Under The Sea, and Sea Goddess were three of the four polishes sent that I used for my manicure and pedicure, and they proved  to be some of the best polishes I’ve ever tried! White Affair is a creamy, white color that stands out perfectly against sun-kissed toes. An application of two coats is all you need, and you’ll be ready to go out the door in no time. For my manicure, I used a mix of the Under The Sea and the glittery Sea Goddess polishes over one finger as an accent nail. Under The Sea required three coats to show off all of the many beautiful blue and turquoise hues in the sunlight. Sea Goddess only needed one coat. It has to be one of the most vibrant glitter polishes I’ve used! The blue specs shine brightly even days after application!


After a long day at work, a bubble bath is needed every once in a while. The addition of some beautifully scented candles can help create a “home-sweet-home” atmosphere. The Bath Cafe creates candles from natural soy wax that are cotton eco-friendly. They are packaged in 5 oz tins and are resistant to rusting. They are even safe to bring along on your travels! The wax in each candle has a creamy, soft base that can be burned for 20-30 hours. After smelling their Hula Girl candle, I did just that! Its tropical scent brought me to my own oasis as it wafted throughout my whole home. Hula Girl is fused with fresh pears, strawberries, pineapples, guava, and passionfruit. Can you say yum? It smells just like paradise!

hula girl candle.JPG

Bath Bombs
These bath bombs provide the makings of an ultimate bubble bath! The Bath Cafe’s original bath bombs are 100% natural and vegan friendly. I was sent three of these lovely scented bath bombs: Cleopatra, Man Code, and Aloe Vera. To discover the skin care magic inside each one, all you have to do is run a bath and plop one of them into the water. Each bath bomb provides its own bubble bath magic. The white and gold glittered bomb called Cleopatra is made from milk and honey. Its soft scent is made from sweet almonds and delicious honey and softens your skin while you soak. The most surprising part of Cleopatra is when it cracks open in the water, its cosmetic safe glitter spreads. You’ll feel just like a fairy princess bathing in gold glitter!


Bath Care Products
Bath bombs aren’t the only products the Bath Cafe creates to help consumers gain luxuriously soft skin. They provide six amazing body scrubs that are just as deliciously scented as their other products. The creamy sugar scrubs contain ingredients such as sugar cane, banana extract, and seed oil. Not only do they exfoliate your body and feet, but, once scrubbed softly into your skin, they turn into a moisturizing cleanser. Now that’s something we absolutely love! A cleanser and exfoliant? We’re sold. Each sugar scrub is made from shea butter and quality oils, following a made-from-scratch formula without the use of any pre-made bases. The Orange Energy scrub reminded me of refreshing sherbet with its fruity scent. All I needed was a scoop of the scrub to exfoliate my skin. Once I scrubbed it in, I immediately felt my skin soften with the sugar crystals. They easily dissolved into a cleanser under the warm water, leaving my skin feeling refreshed and clean.


Last but not least is a product that I have been using faithfully every day since I received it: the Bath Cafe’s popular Pure Rosehip + Argan Oil. It’s the perfect lightweight moisturizer for the summer time that soothes and tones, hydrates, and protects your skin from UV damage. It also has the potential to reduce scars and stretch marks. I saw this work firsthand on a recent scar I had on my face. After applying the oil for two days, the scar already had toned down in appearance. A miracle worker for sure! The rosehip seed oil in this product is best known for its fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that can correct dark spots and fine lines. The argan oil, which the Bath Cafe says is known as “liquid gold,” is amazing for treating cuticles and split ends. It’s safe to say that this is one beauty product that is definitely well-worth the purchase! With the provided dropper, all you need to do is apply a few drops into your hand. Then you can softly massage the oil onto your face, nails, or ends of hair for a spa-like essence. It felt magical applying the oil to my skin, leaving it hydrated and feeling healthy all day long. I have replaced my favorite moisturizer with this product; that’s how well it works! It’s magic in a bottle.




Visit the Bath Cafe online now to look at all of their handcrafted and deliciously scented products today! As a gift from the owners themselves, our readers can receive a 20% discount on their purchases by entering the code Clichemagazine14. Take advantage of it now while it lasts! You can also check out the Bath Cafe on their Facebook and Twitter pages to share your experience with any of their products. Happy shopping, gals!

The Bath Cafe Review photos credit to the Bath Cafe

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