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Sangria Lolea Review

lolea-gourmet (1)We all know Valentine’s Day is a day for romance—kind words, sweet chocolates, and quality time. Whether you plan on spending the day with someone special or with your favorite friends, Sangria Lolea is here to make it that much sweeter!
Channeling inspiration from the Mediterranean, the award-winning brand Sangria Lolea creates a perfect blend of fruit and wine in each bottle, adding sophistication to any event or occasion. Did we mention how cute the polka-dot packaging is? It makes the sweetest gift!
Lolea Nº1 (the red bottle) is a red wine with bits of cherry, lemon drops, cinnamon, orange peel, and strawberries. The brand recommends you “pour the Red Sangria on a pitcher with oranges and lemons cut into pieces and add a splash of Cointreau” for the best taste! Lolea Nº2 (the yellow bottle) is a white, bubbly wine with hints of apricot, lemon, orange, and vanilla for a sweet taste. Add strawberries and a splash of Vodka and you’re set!
For more information and to order your own bottles, visit Must be 21 years or older to order. And remember: drink responsibly!
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Sangria Lolea Review: Images courtesy of Sangria Lolea

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