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°Coolway True Smooth: A Girl’s Hair Dream Come True!

140116_PTP100 True Smooth Composite_21aGreat hair can be a woman’s most powerful accessory. We moisturize it… we trim it… we straighten and curl it all for the opportunity to wear our locks with pride. Stepping out of the salon with a fresh blow-out is enough to make any woman feel fabulous, but in reality, few women have the funds, time, and will to have their hair endure the damage caused by the blow-dryer.  Thanks to °Coolway hair products, women no longer have to make the compromise between salon time and great hair!
°Coolway hair products range from cool appliances, like their low-heat blow dryer and flat iron that style your hair efficiently at low temperatures that impose zero damage to your hair, to their game-changing trifecta consisting of their °Coolway True Smooth spray, Boost Repair, and Glow Oil treatment.
°Coolway True Smooth is a truly revolutionary spray that allows hair to be blown dry in half the time it would take to dry untreated hair and at a cooler temperature that significantly reduces the damage hair takes on with regular hair dryers. Claims such as these would cause any woman to be skeptical and wonder, “What sort of ingredients are in this product?” and more importantly, “What does this spray smell like?” Fortunately for women everywhere, °Coolway True Smooth is paraben-free and is infused with natural ingredients like Chamomile, Rosa flower, Silk peptide, and Jojoba oil. These ingredients are what give this product a light, floral fragrance: neither overpowering nor likely to clash with your perfume.
How does it work? °Coolway True Smooth’s proprietary molecule, AminoLock MAB, works with your hair, not against it. What this means is that this special formula penetrates the hair cuticle to style it from the inside, allowing hair to be styled at a lower temperature than products that work on the outside. And not only does this molecule strengthen and nurture your hair with each application, it also decreases styling time significantly, thus allowing women to do more with their hair without having to cut out extra time in their schedules.
°Coolway’s other amazing products, their Boost Repair and Glow Oil, will also become essential products for women. Their Boost Repair treatment is to hair like an all-inclusive spa day is to the body. Even if you’re on top of your moisturizing routine, you will feel the impact of this luxurious conditioning treatment. Their Glow Oil is by far the best hair serum this reviewer has ever tried, which is no understatement considering she has tested the entire spectrum of anti-frizz products available. A dime-sized amount of product (yes, dime-sized) was enough to sculpt, smooth, and soften curls.
These products are truly a girl’s hair dream come true!
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