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Galavant Review

Galavant (Joshua Sasse)

Galavant (Joshua Sasse)

Galavant has ended its first season, and it was an interesting season to say the least. It was filled with musical numbers, a number of guest stars, and a dashing, ego-centric knight Galavant, who was total eye candy. But was it a good season worthy of a second one? I’m not too sure. Here’s our review of Galavant‘s first season. Warning: Spoiler Alert.
Long before Galavant aired, I was very hopeful for the series. I enjoy big musical numbers, knights of old, and a twist to a classic love story. I also love the idea of a fallen hero trying to reclaim his honor and sense of being. These were all incorporated into Galavant and were highlighted in each episode. The series had a lot of funny moments; It had me laughing and the cast of colorful characters were highly interesting. All the characters were enjoyable to watch and it was hard to believe that Timothy Omundson (King Richard) could make such an amazing change over from straight-laced cop (Lassiter from Psych) to the hilarious king. His performance alone makes the show worth watching.
Aside from this, the journey to the evil king was filled with personal growths from both the good guys and the bad guys, but it seemed as if it was lacking something else. There were pieces missing from the series that could have made it so much better. I had three main problems with the series as a whole:
King Richard (Timothy Omundson)

King Richard (Timothy Omundson)

1) The story was rather rushed. When you center the show around a knight’s epic journey to defeat an evil king and save a kingdom from ruin, it should feel like an epic journey. I can understand that they had a timeframe to keep. It’s hard to fit a large story in eight 30 minute episodes, but I feel like the best parts of the journey may have been the ones we missed. They talk about things they have done together, such as walking through the Forest of Truth, which knows when someone isn’t being truthful, and imply that they have been on this quest for a long time. I’m going to guess that the journey took about two months, since in the first episode, it is implied that it took Isabella around that long to find Galavant. In two months time, they should have faced more, said more, and sang more than we saw. Plus, storylines were cut really quickly in place of new ones. One episode you were with Sid’s parents and the next, they were somehow about a day or two away from the castle? I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a bit of a bridge between two episodes when they air back-to-back.
2) The songs weren’t very memorable. There isn’t much of an argument you can make on their behalf about this point. A good musical should always have a few songs that stand out and you can hum to yourself hours after hearing it. Yes, Galavant is made up of 30 min. segments, but Batman: The Brave and the Bold had a musical episode — as in just one episode — that was 30 min. and had catchy tunes. I bought that soundtrack because I randomly felt the need to hear Neil Patrick Harris sing as the Music Meister. I doubt I will ever buy the soundtrack to Galavant. If I could barely recall one song out of at least 14 in a musical, there’s a problem. A musical without good music is like having no ice in the arctic. It makes little sense.
Gareth (Vinnie Jones)

Gareth (Vinnie Jones)

3) The ending didn’t leave me wanting more; rather, it left me feeling let down. This may have to do with the whole “It felt rushed” point, but I didn’t care for the season finale that much. I was disappointed. There were a lot of great elements. I was laughing and ready to see a fight, which never happened, even though it was built up to through the whole season. Isabella’s actions and the revelation of what she did caused five minutes of upset feelings before everyone moved past it. (Another event that was built up to and just went nowhere.) Like really, you’re just going to forgive her that easily? Galavant couldn’t get over being dumped after a year, but he just forgives a princess who he’s known for two months tops?
Then there was the king’s loyal knight, Gareth. He just rolls over to the queen’s side, even after saying and showing his deep love for his king throughout the season. Gareth tells Queen Madalena that he only serves the king, makes sure that King Richard gets out of the kingdom alive, and spent the whole main part of the season giving advice to Richard, but ends the season sitting next to the Queen on the throne. What does he say about this? That Madalena needs to either gain or lose weight so that he can be able to find her attractive and doable. Am I the only one that thought was way out of character? The season just ended on a troubled note.
I find it really sad that I haven’t enjoyed watching this series overall. It made me laugh, had a few good lines, but isn’t a show that I feel will leave a lasting impression on me. With so many great, exciting shows to view, I’m not sure if Galavant is worth wasting a few hours on. There were a few good parts, but the whole is lacking. Will I be back for season two? I highly doubt it, and if I do watch the next season, I’m not sure I’d finish it. I was all set to support Galavant and its renewal; instead, I’m left wondering if ABC made a mistake in giving this hero more air time.
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