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Anna Of The North Releases Chilling Single “Oslo”

Electronic duo “Anna Of The North” has seen exciting success. The pair’s songs have been streamed over 40 million times and their single, “Sway” was also remixed by The Chainsmokers. Recently, the artists released their new single titled “Oslo.” In the song, the artists capture the feeling of being in Oslo, a city they love dearly. The song combines both electronic beats with a mellow, reflective look at Oslo. The song is a beautiful journey through the city and the experiences the artists have had there. Throughout the song, the chorus repeats saying, “I never want to leave you / I never want to go / You’re the warmth that’s in my heart / And it makes me feel at home.” The duo does a wonderful job of translating the love they have for this city into song lyrics that are both emotional and relatable, no matter where you call home.

The music video for the single is equally as well done. Focusing on the Nordic landscapes, the video is whimsical and dream-like.
The video features only Anna Lotterud, one half of Anna Of The North. The video is just her, the music, and the beautiful landscapes. Brady Daniell-Smith, the other half of Anna Of The North, describes his inspiration for the song. “I’d never been to Oslo. It seemed so untouched and really captured my imagination…I met Anna soon after and we finished it together – she brought an authenticity to it that makes it feel like a love letter to the city.” The video further helps to capture the feeling the song conveys; warmth, and the feeling of home.
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Anna Of The North Releases Chilling Single “Oslo.” Featured image courtesy of Pigeons & Planes.

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