10 Activities You Can Do As a Singleton On Valentine’s

Valentine’s Day. The only day of the year singletons dread more than Christmas – but you don’t have to be the Valentine equivalent of the Grinch! You’re single because you know that any old fish, in that vast sea, won’t do. You don’t want a goblin shark, you need a lion fish.
But until you find them, what should you do on the big day? If you spent the day alone this year, consider these suggestions for 2016. Or adopt them whenever you feel fed-up and in need of cheering up!
bubble-bathTreat yourself
That’s right, crack out the bubble bath, style yourself a bubble beard, pour yourself a glass of Prosecco, stick Beyoncé on (even if you’re a guy, her power ballads are always a guaranteed pick-me-up) and enjoy some ‘me time’ in the evening – whilst the couples out there cram themselves into overbooked restaurants and wait two hours for their food to arrive.
Bingo isn’t exclusively for old ladies anymore. Now you can indulge in some online bingo in your jammies, on the sofa and while away those hours as a singleton winning cash and making some new friends online.
Get away
If you simply can’t bear to be in town where you might run into your newly loved-up ex – never a good idea, let alone at this time of year – then book a last minute escape to somewhere fun. Take some friends with you and make it a wild weekend away.
Girl’s night
Or just stay in and enjoy a pizza and alcohol night with your mutually single friends. Just be sure to enforce the ‘no drunk texting your ex’ rule before you start drinking.
puppyFurry friends
Do you know what’s better than being in a relationship? Dogs. Pay a visit to an animal shelter and meet some of the dogs waiting for new homes or sign up for Borrow my Doggy and walk or look after a furry friend for the day. You might find you enjoy it so much you start looking after them regularly. You could also take a friend or relatives pet off their hands for the evening.
Secret Santa Valentines
Arrange a secret Santa style Valentine’s present swap with a group of, also single, friends and be sure to write a nice message in the card to them.
Volunteer to baby sit
Whilst this might not sound like the most appealing way to spend Valentine’s Day it will keep you busy and definitely put you in the parent’s good books.
You might have missed Nutella Day this month (yes it’s a thing) but to be honest, every day is a good day for eating Nutella. Get a spoon and a fresh jar of the good stuff. Enjoy that beautiful moment when you peel back the gold foil to uncover the chocolate and hazelnut deliciousness beneath. Eat it while binge watching a series on Netflix.
Treat yourself… again
Most women spend an average of £20 on their partner on Valentine’s Day, while men will apparently put their hand in their pocket for £35 worth of gifts. £1million is spent on cards each year and £595million was spent on the Valentine’s Dayin 2014.  So, without someone to spend all this money on this year treat yourself instead.
Go out
It’s no surprise that on Valentine’s Day lots of single people venture outside to look for someone special. Be brave, go to a coffee shop, a bar or the local pub and get talking to people. You might just find the one – plus how romantic would meeting them on Valentine’s Day be?
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