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‘Deadpool’ Review

Hi, I’m movie blogger, Emilio Giron, and I’m writing about a modestly budgeted superhero movie titled Deadpool.  It stars reasonably handsome color book enthusiast turned super actor Ryan Reynolds. He plays the movie’s titular character, Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson, Marvel Comic’s “Merc with a Mouth.”  Like most romance movies, this is the usual run-of-the-mill Valentine’s Day story cliche: guy meets girl, girl meets guy, they fall in love, a shadowy agency turns guy into an immortal slave designed for the sole purpose of murder – wait, what? Okay, let’s run this back real quick. A movie titled Deadpool isn’t exactly a romance movie (but it comes close!). It’s a superhero origin film. And there’s a particular R-rated zest that makes this story different from other comic book movies.  This movie is all about Wade Wilson and his warpath revenge bloodbath that fails to nail the bad guy (Ajax).  Once thought dead, after the aforementioned power-giving experiments, Wilson has to deal with the repercussions of his exposed identity, namely the abduction of the love of his life, Vanessa.  If you think about it, there’s no better way to show your love by disappearing yourself off to some underground lab for super illegal torture-filled experiments, and then coming back to save the day, despite a horrible disfigurement and irreversibly twisted psyche.


“Perfect” Valentine’s Day movie, right?

Ryan Reynolds shows once again why he was born for this role.  From beginning to end, this movie is hilariously entertaining, and doesn’t let up.  Like his character, Deadpool, this movie moves quickly, brisk enough that I didn’t even feel it running towards the 2-hour mark.  The film cuts back and forth between past and present and future. Whether it be through the movie’s action or the character’s dialogue, it achieves this through some well-timed transitions.  Early on, I thought that these edits would have confused viewers, but my worries disappeared as the film went on.  What I liked the most about this film was its uncensored, unadulterated fun.  Just like in the comics, Deadpool breaks the fourth wall (ala Ferris Bueller style) throughout the entire film.  It’s a colorful and brilliant nuance that breathes new life into the comic book movie genre. Speaking of which, one would think that the film’s rating would hamper this movie, because it’s gratuitously violent (which it is), the on screen deaths (which it has), nudity (lots of it) and uses of foul language (f-bombs left and right). There hasn’t been many R-rated comic book movies because of this.  But with that said, I have to say that this movie is just so well done, I can’t imagine a world in which more of these types of films don’t come into production.  Also, the movie’s just so fun.  There’s little treats in here in the form of easter eggs and references to other X-Men movies.  I think it’s because the crowd is allowed to participate in a lot of what Deadpool has to say, and I found myself smiling and laughing throughout the entire film.

“Hi, folks. Keep calm and eat tacos. This review is almost over.”

This movie was good, and because of that, I find myself too entertained to really pick out anything I didn’t like about it. Well, I should say that I found Colossus’s (our metal-skinned character pictured above) design borderline cartoonish, but it wasn’t bad.
Deadpool is the perfect film for an adult couple to watch on a romantic evening. I stress adult, because this movie is not for kids (even though there were kids in the theater I was in).  There’s way too much violence and booty for a 5-year-old to handle. Leave the kids at home, and let the hilarity ensue with Deadpool.
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