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Party Costumes for Men Who Just Aren’t That Into It

man-girl-costumeTraditionally, cool guys are known to don ‘devil may care’ attitudes, but sometimes you have to take off the ‘cool’ mask to have a little dress up party fun.  We know; some guys just aren’t that into Halloween costumes, for instance.  But, most girls and people who like to have fun are.
Therefore, next dress up party opportunity, you’ll have to take off that cool exterior and tread some traditionally uncharted waters…in a costume.  Here’s how.
Know No Choice
It’s not a request more than a requirement.  While some guys are known to live against the grain, it’s not cool to show up to a costume party dressed down.  Not only is it an insult to the host but pretty much everyone wearing a costume – likely all partygoers except for you.
Don’t take the alternative road when your future leads to a costume party.  Be sure to reserve plenty of time to ensure that you have (in the very least) some sort of acceptable costume.
Underworld Champion
Macho guys may think dressing up is for kids and ladies, yet the anxiety is lessened when channeling the existence of a Greek god, world-class boxer, or some other masculine image of power and dominance.  You can get the best party costumes for men at local stores or online listings such as Spirit Halloween for dominating costumes; or, emulate the look of Caesar, Genghis Khan, or other notorious men of war and power.
Masked Anxiety
Whether finally seeing the light regarding need to wear a costume or just being social, some guys are going to be reluctant to appear in public underneath it all.  Therefore, use humor to mask impending anxiety, choosing a funny, humor-filled
Guys (really secure ones) can dress as women; couple with a buddy to be the head and butt of a horse; or, use creativity to be a walking pun (dressing as ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ while wearing a huge rainbow necklace and man-on-the-moon face paint).
Two Ghouls
If you’re feeling a bit foolish about being ‘that guy’ wearing a costume, dilute your sense of insecurity by asking a willing babe to be your date.  Even better, choose a couple in history or be a ‘couple of ghouls,’ enacting the appropriate makeup for effect.  If wearing a costume is not cool, wearing one along with a date around your arm is better.
To amplify the ghoul effect times two, ask another couple to complement you and date.  You won’t have to feel like a foolish ghoul alone!
On-the-Go Costumes
If formerly undecided about attending a party, finally coming to your costume senses at the last moment, consider a number of on-the-go solutions.  For example, if coming from work, stop in any toy store or novelty shop to grab a Superman t-shirt, wearing it underneath your work shirt and jacket.
Alternatively, get grey pants and jacket, bowtie, along with white shoes.  Oh yeah, consider borrowing the neighbor son’s bike for the evening to complete the Pee Wee Herman effect.  Lastly, women go gaga over Don Draper and the look is easy to don.  Just grab a slim-fitting suit along with cigarettes, hair tonic, and a whiskey glass.
Antoni Davis knows he is more into costume parties than most men, so he decided to help the ladies by writing an article to address the problem. He loves to post articles that solve problems for his readership.

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