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Is Amy Faking It?

I don’t think so … in a recent interview with Terry Check of Cliché Magazine, Rita Volk, playing the role of Amy in the latest MTV hit, Faking It, is the real thing. The 23 year old actress, born in Uzbekistan before immigrating to USA at age 6, learned English and about American culture by watching movies. Acting came naturally to her which led to parts in TV commercials and theatrical plays while in middle school. After graduating from Duke University she decided to forego a more conventional career, and instead, pursue her love of acting. In 2012, she packed her bags and headed to LA like so many want-to-be actresses … auditioning again and again until luck/persistence/talent prevailed. During the casting call for Faking It, Rita read for the role of Karma, not once but three times. The casting director, Carter Covington, who also happens to be the series’ creator and executive producer, gave Karma’s part to Katie Stevens, and asked Rita to read the part of Amy. Magically, Rita truly bonded with the part of Amy ….. and she wasn’t faking it.
Mark your calendar for Tuesday, June 10th at 10:30 /9:30 C, and watch the show’s finale on MTV. If you missed an episode, get current at http://www.mtv.com/shows/faking_it/ and check out https://twitter.com/mtvfakingit. Send Rita a tweet @therealritavolk …. She loves to hear from her fans. Stay tuned for the show’s second season this fall (send a tweet to MTV and cross your fingers), and an exclusive interview and photo shoot of Rita Volk by Cliché Magazine, number one for what is happening NOW.
Photographs courtesy of Rita Volk and Elisabeth Caren

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