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Young Artist Emily Vu Releases New Single “Weekend”

Young artist Emily Vu releases new single “Weekend” while navigating the music industry. She braves the challenges of her career with her bubbly personality and catchy, hypnotic vocals. Her debut single, “What Happened, Happened”, reached over 1 million streams, demonstrating her innate talent. The artist pulls inspiration from her Southern California roots and dreams of working with Pharrell Williams. Get to know her as she celebrates her new music and just released music video.

Cliché Mag: What does your single ‘Weekend’ mean to you?

Emily Vu: My new single, “Weekend,” means everything to me. It’s the first song I’ve made where I felt like I’m coming into the genre I want to continue pursuing.

What has been like as a young woman in the music industry?

It’s pretty terrifying, if I’m being honest. Being so young and new in the music industry definitely makes it easier for me to stepped on and manipulated. I am lucky to have an amazing team that can help me through everything.

After the release of your debut singles, what are your goals for the future?

My goal for the future is to go on tour after I drop an EP. I’d love to start traveling and playing more live shows.

What are your favorite instruments to add onto a track?

You can never go wrong with a synth. Synths are my go-to sound.

Do you draw any musical inspiration from your hometown in Southern California? 

Yeah, I believe my music is inspired by Southern California and the music that is popular here.

What do you hope to share with your fans over the course of your career?

I hope to share everything about myself with them! I love being able to be myself with people and having them support what I do!

Talk about upcoming projects that you are most excited for?
I am super excited to release an EP in the future. I have no idea how soon it will be ready to be released, but it will be sometime soon! 

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