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Interview with Erika Nova

Interview with Erika Nova
Erika Nova has been a model for about seven years and is now beginning to transition into being a singer as well. The difference between being a singer and a model, she says, is that it is more persona. That’s because songs let you in on personal experiences. With her new singles out, Erika is looking forward to going on tour.
Cliché: What is the major difference between modeling and singing?
Erika Nova: In my experience, the major difference between modeling and singing is the level of personal experiences shared. When modeling, you have a crew dressing you, doing your hair and makeup, telling you how to pose, what to do, and how to do it! You don’t really have a “voice.” Singing is way more personal because I am singing lyrics that I wrote and are very special to me. I have the opportunity to share my past experiences with others and encourage those around me to be better and do better.
What is the process like when recording a song?
Recording a song is a lot of fun! Usually, I’ll be in the studio anywhere from two to ten hours at a time. I usually make sure I rehearse my vocals and the song and couple of weeks before going into the studio. Once there, we record instruments first and vocals last. The first vocal take is usually not the best one, so I record a couple of takes just to make sure we get the perfect one each time.
When is your next song due out?
My next song will be out sometime in April/May of 2014, right before my first official music video, but possibly even sooner!
Do you plan on going on a concert tour?
A concert tour is in the works for 2014!
If there’s one thing you like about your music career so far, what would it be?
My music career has given me an opportunity to express myself and has ultimately given me a voice of my own. Rather than doing as told, I can write my own lyrics and create music that I love. IT has also allowed me to help and encourage others, with both personal and career-oriented goals.

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