Throwback Albums to Listen to When You’re Sick of Today’s Hits

There is no better time to roll down the windows and jam out with friends than in the summer. But by the end of the season, the songs on the radio can feel so overplayed that you and your friends groan at the songs you used to sing along with. In order to avoid immediately changing a song and dulling the mood, here’s a list of five throwback albums you may have forgotten about when today’s hits just get to be too much.

Justin Timberlake — Justified
Timberlake’s debut solo album from 2002 is the perfect combination of his musical personality and boy band past. The album has variety, from the upbeat songs that make us want to dance, to the slower ballads with groovy beats. With hits like “Señorita,” “Cry Me a River,” and “Rock Your Body,” Justified is the break we all need from today’s pop music without straying from the genre itself.

Fall Out Boy — From Under the Cork Tree
Since ending their hiatus in 2013, Fall Out Boy has had a different sound. But the band’s 2005 album From Under the Cork Tree is the classic Fall Out Boy people love. With songs like “Dance, Dance” and “Sugar, We’re Goin Down,” Fall Out Boy played a part in making alternative rock mainstream. This album is loved among all audiences, and highlights how much Fall Out Boy has changed over the years.

Maroon 5 — Songs About Jane
Songs About Jane, Maroon 5’s first album, was a huge hit among audiences everywhere. The album helped Maroon 5 gain popularity and helped the band get to where it is today. We danced to “This Love” and cried to “She Will Be Loved” and we still feel waves of emotions when listening to this album today. Needless to say, Songs About Jane reminds us why we fell in love with Maroon 5 more than a decade ago.

Rihanna — Good Girl Gone Bad
Rihanna never disappoints, and Good Girl Gone Bad was no exception. Full of spunk, emotion, and confidence, Good Girl Gone Bad reminds us just why we love Rihanna in the first place. The 2007 album includes “Umbrella,” “Don’t Stop the Music,” and “Disturbia,” just to name a few. When you don’t want to turn off Rihanna but have had enough of her new songs, turn on Good Girl Gone Bad and let loose.

Blink 182 — Enema of the State
The godfathers of punk rock have released ten albums since the band formed in 1992. Enema of the State is the band’s fourth studio album, and is Blink 182’s claim-to-fame. This album gives new listeners the best first impression of Blink 182, while die-hard fans already know why this album is one of the most popular and continue listening. With this throwback, we jam out to classics such as “What’s My Age Again” and “All the Small Things,” both of which still get airplay on the radio today.

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