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Shannon K Embraces Her Roots with Latest Single ‘RUN’

Shannon K

LA-based singer-songwriter Shannon K is back with her latest single ‘RUN’ out now! This newest single follows her earlier release of ‘I Do.’ However, ‘RUN’ has a deeper meaning for Shannon K. It is a song she created to motivate herself and her listeners to overcome the negativity in their lives. Paired with a beautiful video shot in Jaipur, India, Shannon K embraces her Indian heritage and confidence in this latest release. We caught up with Shannon to discuss her latest drop, her upcoming film and podcast, and the advice her famous Bollywood father gives her! 

Cliché: What has it been like to create music or, just be creative, during quarantine? Have you found it easier or more difficult? 

Shannon K : It has certainly been quite an experience creating during quarantine. Though I must say that this time really made me focus on my writing and understanding the value of life in depth. I have been quite creative in terms of songwriting and finding other fields to tap into. Along with that, I feel like this quarantine gave me an opportunity to get to know my inner self and expand my creativity.

Your latest single, ‘RUN’, is one that means a lot to you. What inspired you to make this song?

My past experiences inspired me to write the song. As a young South Asian girl who aspired to become an artist and came down to the land of dreams aka Hollywood, I was very much insecure about myself. That had been bugging me a lot, not to mention the kinds of things I heard from people when I had first started my career. I had people laugh at me when I shared my dreams and aspirations with them. All those memories made me want to write a song to motivate not just myself, but all the others who’ve gone through something similar or have lost their self-confidence.

The video is so beautifully shot at the Mundota Palace and Fort in Jaipur, India. Why did you decide to shoot the video for this song there?

During the making of this song I had a thought of how amazing it would be if we could show my culture in the music video. It is always something I want to showcase through my music or videos somehow. My younger sister, Annabel, had the same thought when she heard the song and converted her amazing vision into this epic music video! 

Part of showing different versions/looks was a way of saying that you can be whoever you want and you can balance your ethnicity and culture while still being on trend. You don’t need to look the same as others. Everyone is unique in their own way. Another reason to film in Jaipur was because I am so fascinated with the Royal heritage of Jaipur and I wanted to show its beauty and colors.

Check out the video for ‘RUN’ below! 

There are so many creative aspects that go into releasing a song -from visuals to the music production. Is there a part you find the most exciting or one that is your favorite to do?

I love the entire process, right from creating the song to filming the music video. Being in studio sessions vibing and creating with some incredible artists, including my sister Annabel, is super fun. I get to be as free as possible and talk about anything. It’s like a therapy session with music! We share so much laughter during the sessions it honestly doesn’t feel like work. When it comes to filming for the music video, I love dressing up and getting to film at the most beautiful locations ever!

Has your father, beloved Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu, given you any advice or words of wisdom when it comes to making music?

My father usually advises me to have perseverance and patience because that along with hard work and a positive attitude, is the key. He warned me about the kinds of people who I would come across that would try to put me down and would discourage me. But, he reminded me that I have to keep going forward and not care about the haters. He told me about all the challenges that I’d have to face but during those times I have to stay focused and always try to do better than before. He taught me to never give up on myself, and always be humble and down to earth.

Shannon K

You have a new podcast called ‘Get Real’ that is set to release soon! What will the podcast be about?

In the podcast we’ll speak with artists, actors, musicians and influencers and explore the reality and unheard stories behind their success. A lot of times people start dissing celebrities without knowing the hardships and sacrifices they have made along the way to success. I feel like this podcast will give an opportunity for people to hear those stories while being real, which would motivate and inspire people to keep pursuing their goals.

This November, you will be starring alongside Manolo Vergara in a new film! Can you tell us about it?

I am super excited to be a part of the feature film which also stars Manolo Vergara. It’s called ‘The Big Feed’ and it’s a horror/comedy. I can’t wait for my fans to see this new side of me!

What’s next for you?

Right now I’m super excited for the film and podcast, so I hope my fans like my work. Along with that, I have an online shopping mall at Shop Social Scenes where you can check out some really cool products and brands, and get yourself or your loved one something!

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