Say ‘I Do’ to Matt Goss

Suave, smooth, sultry, sexy — Matt Goss has a voice that will make you swoon.

Some folks may know Matt from Bros, the band he was in with his twin brother Luke in the ‘80s. Since those synth days, Matt has been working on a solo career and transforming his sound into a more classic tone.

Pulling from the old styles of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, but adding his own personal touch to the tunes—like Michael Bublé—Matt has created his own type of crooning.

Matt gave the world a taste of his sound with the release of his EP I Do in February. Featuring a full orchestra and all original compositions, Matt has put everything into creating an authentic album that captured the essence he wanted to portray.

His complete efforts can be heard in full when his full-length album Life You Imagine is released on April 29 in the United States.

Keep an eye out for the our interview with Matt in the next issue of Cliché, and if you want a little taste of Matt from the 80s here’s the version he did with his brother when they were Bros.

Then, here’s the new version.

Photo courtesy of Total Assault

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