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Savannah Outen, known for her excellent songwriting and YouTube presence, has just released her new single “Boys” through Labeled by Billboard as a “summer-ready smash,” the track offers an earworm chorus, lovely vocal melodies, and a killer instrumental track. Outen opens up about everything from her new single to her musical vision. By Joshua Forrest
Photo by Lexie Alley at lexiealley,comCliché: First off, I loved “Boys”! It seemed like it had a lot of moving parts musically. Could you take us through the process of recording it?
Savannah Outen: So glad you loved it! Writing and recording “Boys” was such a fun journey. During the session, Jon Redwine started playing this drumline and I freaked out. The entire song was revolved around that. The recording of it was fun, too, and we actually did it on my birthday! This song is really special to me because I haven’t released original music in a while and now I know who I am as an artist and what direction I want my music to go.
What was it like working with a team of songwriters?
I love writing with people! It’s so much fun to have that energy in the room and feed ideas off of each other. I wrote this song with Chelsea Lena, who has now become one of my closest friends. I have never had such great writing chemistry with anyone before! We always have the best time. My producers Eman Kiriakou and Evan Bogart are also a joy to work with. I’ve learned SO much from them and now they are like family.
Who inspires you musically?
I am so inspired by Justin Timberlake and Celine Dion. The Weeknd, Sam Smith, and Adele are also major influences.
Do you enjoy shooting videos for your music?
I love music videos! I’ve been fortunate to shoot a few in the past. They are so much fun and it’s always an amazing thing to bring your song to life. With the “Boys” video, the director Sherif Higazy really brought my vision to reality! He was so great to work with.
Do you have any plans for an album or tour?
I’ve been writing for almost a year now for the album. “Boys” is actually one of the first songs we wrote for it. We’re going to release a few more singles before an album. I really hope touring is in the near future! That’s where my heart is. I love performing and meeting everyone that has supported me!
Looking forward, do you see this single having a big impact on your future songwriting?
I am so excited for the future! I feel like I’ve grown as a songwriter just by working with such amazing writers and producers. I learn a lot from every session I’m in. It’s such a fun process, and it’s just been a dream making this music.
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Savannah Outen Interview: Photo by Lexie Alley

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