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Salt Ashes Takes Synth-Pop to New Heights in Her New EP, counting crosses

UK alt pop singer Salt Ashes discovered her unusual moniker on the side of a boat – very in keeping with her self-described “upside down” artistic perspective. She eagerly applied her unique approach to her new EP, counting crosses, infused with her signature dark melodies and produced by creative collaborator Louis Souyave. counting crosses is available now.

Cliché: Where did you come up with the stage name Salt Ashes?

Salt Ashes: It was written on the side of a boat in Brighton. Loved the imagery. It stuck with me for a while before I decided to use it as a moniker. I was planning on using it in a song but that never materialised. 

What is it about dark songs and melodies that is so appealing to you?

They make me feel like spells are being cast. I like spells. Don’t you?

How would you describe your perspective as an artist?

Upside down. 

Tell us about your new EP, counting crosses. 

We wrote it and produced it, alongside other tracks, within 5 months. We probably had about 10 tracks to choose from but these ones felt the most cohesive and like one piece of work. I’m so proud of this body of work as it feels very authentic to me and the sounds that have been going on in my head. I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with vocal production and generally not doing the obvious.

What’s the meaning behind that title?

The title track is called ‘counting crosses’ and I wanted to name the EP that because it raises questions. To me counting crosses is when you are crossing out each day, counting down the days.

You’ve spoken of your producer, Louis Souyave, in glowing terms. How did it feel to be able to produce the EP with someone who is so on your wavelength creatively?

It’s indescribable really and I feel so lucky to be working with him and actually call him a friend now too. When you have so many ideas inside your head sometimes it’s hard to vocalise them but Louis always seems one step ahead of me – always making the sound as I’m describing it to him. 

Which track resonates the most with you and why?

I think it would be ‘solo’. It was the last one that we wrote so it’s probably more fresh but I just love that dirty bass it starts with and the griminess of the track. 

What’s up next for you?

More writing, more performing and a possible tour at the end of the year!

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Salt Ashes Takes Synth-Pop to New Heights in Her New EP, counting crosses. Photo Credit: Lucrecia Taormina.

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