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Lulu Simon Breaks Free with New Single “Strangers”

Lulu Simon

Budding pop singer-songwriter Lulu Simon is kicking cuffing season to the curb and saying hello to single-September in her newest release “Strangers.” The song, inspired by her own experience overcoming a toxic relationship, glistens with her signature ‘80s synth-pop sparkle.  “I called it off. I fed your ego long enough to starve my own,” she laments in the first verse.

Lulu Simon’s music is the epitome of ‘sensitive pop’. It’s the type of music that will have you dancing alone in your bedroom. The new release builds on that sentiment, offering up 4 minutes of pure catharsis. 

On Strangers,” Lulu recounts a past ‘situationship’ where she slowly lost her identity trying to impress a love interest. It led her to finally breaking off in a venture to find new confidence. She explains, “I wanted this guy to like me so I drove myself absolutely insane trying to fit into an environment that just ended up being so inhospitable. I had to do major damage control and remove myself from the situation. She continues, “Lesson of the story is love yourself and don’t settle, especially for something that is unhealthy for you or for someone who wants to change you.”


Listen to “Strangers” Here!


About the ArtistLulu Simon

Although Lulu Simon always had a secret dream of becoming a musician, the New York City-born singer-songwriter never truly saw herself blossoming into the talent she is now. Growing up with parents Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) and Edie Brickell (Edie Brickell & New Bohemians), Lulu was submerged into the musical scene at a young age. From piano lessons, guitar, and later developing a love for acoustic songwriting, Lulu’s musical capabilities flourished. After graduating from college and garnering inspiration from older brother Ade (aka Adrian Simon), Lulu decided it was time to go full throttle with her music.

Describing her songwriting process as ‘emotional recycling’, Lulu delves her personal experiences into her music. She therapeutically reconstructs her heartbreak into addictive melodies and sincere songwriting. Lulu has consistently advocated for herself through her music, using it as a form of self-expression and empowerment. She has undoubtedly stepped out of her comfort zone, transforming into a wise and thoughtful rising artist. Grounded in her independence and complete with an ever-evolving sound, Lulu Simon has secured her spot as a pop-princess to be reckoned with.

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