Interview with Avalon Landing

Interview with Avalon Landing
If there is one thing that Avalon Landing wants to be remembered for, it’s their brand of music and their style. Uniqueness shines through everything they do, whether it’s their vocals or their album. Below they dished on what makes the air they breathe seemingly so unique.

Cliché: For those of us who don’t know who you are, how would you describe your music?
Avalon Landing: That is a tough question nowadays. There are a lot of different elements going on within our music. Writing structure tends to take a singer-songwriter style. Josh and Mike both do a great job of writing songs with strong melodies, and we generally support those with harmony and layered vocal arrangements. We toe a line between a pop punk sound and something more indie and melodic. There’s lots of different stuff going on from song to song.
What message do you hope to convey to your fans in your new album Reside?
One of the larger themes of the record is change. Three of the five guys made a cross country move to get the band started and throughout the infancy of the band we were all trying to establish homes in a new town, hence the name “Reside.” The record talks a lot about trying to make these changes in a positive way. It definitely gets at the idea that making huge changes can be scary but ultimately very rewarding as well. Do what inspires you, even if you have to take a huge risk.

Speaking of albums, can you describe what the process of making Reside was like?
Making Reside was a great experience. We opted not to use a traditional studio space in favor of recording in the house in which we wrote and recorded all the songs. We flew out our producer (Bryan Russell) to live with us and make the record. He shipped out all his studio gear and we set up a control room and a live room and tracked the whole thing there. People can really get an idea of the process by visiting the Studio Blog on our website at www.avalonlandingmusic. com where we posted a bunch of cool videos of the process during tracking.

What makes the band unique, either on stage or in an album?
We think we are unique for our live vocals. We work hard on them and we try to hit harmonies that would be difficult for other bands. We work tirelessly on them. The record itself is a unique piece of art. We brought our producer to Vegas along with about 1600 pounds of equipment. We turned the house that we live in into our studio, which means that the sounds on that record won’t ever really be replicated. Mind you, there is nothing groundbreaking or revolutionary happening, but we made the choices that were best for the songs in the unique environment we were in. I’m confident that no other band will ever record a full length record in that house.

What are some of the more interesting moments you’ve had, either recording or on stage?
I think one of the funniest and more entertaining moments came when we were opening for a well-known Las Vegas entertainer named Frankie Moreno. It was a cool opportunity and we were a tad nervous. The show began and in the middle of our intro, Josh announced us as Standard of Living, a band that he had fronted before Avalon Landing. We were shocked at first, but then it became funny and all the nerves faded away. It really put everyone in the moment and we played a great set. It’s a fond memory looking back.
Images Courtesy of Maegan Gindi.
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