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Fly By Midnight Release New Single “Vibe”

Retro-pop duo Fly By Midnight is back with yet another original track that will make you fall in love with their music (if you haven’t already yet, that is). The aptly titled single “Vibe” is just what it sounds like: a sexy, fun, feel-good anthem you can jam to. It even inspired a mini-documentary called “The Vibe of Staten Island,” in partnership with Urban Outfitters, out soon.


In the new single, the duo sings: “I throw it your way / You’re catching my vibe / I throw it your way / You’re catching my vibe / Call me Christopher Columbus / Cuz I know you’re across the room / So Imma’ drink till I float / Find a way to discover your body.”

Following their 2017 release Cover Charge, which consisted of popular cover songs ranging from Michelle Branch’s “Everywhere” to Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times,” the duo is determined to share their own original music with their pending debut EP, Party Favors. And so far, we’re loving what we’re hearing.

Here, we chat with Justin Bryte and Slavo about their new single “Vibe” (out now on Spotify), their set for the Tucson Pride Festival later this month, and more.

Cliché: What inspired “Vibe”?
Justin Bryte: “Vibe” was a really effortless session. Slavo and I have always been really strong at communicating concepts for our music and vibing off of one another (no pun intended).
Slavo: I think Justin had come into the studio with the idea of catching vibes. We talked a bit about times we’ve been out at bars and saw someone that we instantly felt drawn to. From there, I think I had proposed the whole lyrical personification of the vibe (throwing your way and catching this physical feeling).
Justin: Yeah, I had totally had flipped over that. It took the concept to a whole different level in my opinion. From there, we began writing this really feel good anthem that everyone could relate to. That magnetic moment of mutual vibes.

What was your writing process? Did the track come together naturally or did it take some time?
Slavo: “Vibe” was probably one of our quickest sessions we’ve worked on recently.
Justin: For sure; writing it was a breeze because it all felt very real. The sessions that typically drag in our experience are the ones that we can’t connect to properly. Although, Slavo and I had a handful of phone calls right up until the release date debating about the rhythm going into the first chorus.
Slavo: There were different variations right up until the moment we had to give the track over for release. Pretty stressful. [Laughs]

Tell us a little about your collab with Urban Outfitters for the track.
Justin: The UO collaboration is a really cool mini documentary we created called “The Vibe of Staten Island.”
Slavo: UO was awesome enough to send over a ton of cool looks that really fit our brand and aesthetic. From there, we went to four different locations we were surprised existed on Staten Island. They were really unique and cultural spots.
Justin: One of our favorite things about our Fly By fans is that they’re attracted not only to our music, but also our personalities. We’ve vlogged in the past, but this seemed like a great opportunity to show viewers even more of what a day with us looks like.

You will be performing at the Tucson Pride Festival supporting Daya later this month. What can fans expect?
Slavo: We’re bringing the party to Tucson! It’s going to be a really energetic set with moments we’re especially excited about.
Justin: Daya is not only such a huge talent, but also super down to earth. We’ve had the pleasure of opening for her before and are stoked that we’re on the same bill again.
Slavo: Especially for such a great cause.
Justin: Yeah!

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Fly By Midnight Release New Single “Vibe”: Photograph courtesy of Fly By Midnight

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