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Roskamala Offers Hope Through Life’s Adversity in Upcoming EP, “truth she told”

Music was often Roskamala’s only solace. “The beginning of my music journey started when I was very young,” she says. “I spent my childhood alone a lot. My parents were worried about me being kidnapped. I didn’t get to stay after school or go out on the weekends with friends, so I discovered that music was and is my best friend! Music understands me, cheers me up, and makes me laugh. The best part of having music as your best friend is that I never ever feel alone, especially being an introvert, it happens. That’s how I realized listening to or creating music is my true happiness.” The irony of her career launch was not appreciated. “My first time being on camera was for a TOYOTA commercial. I did that as a joke since my family owned a TOYOTA dealership. No one laughed because my dad was not supportive of me being in the industry.”  She knew America was the place to follow her dreams. “I’m the kind of person who always knows what I want and never hesitates to make a decision. Living in Thailand was amazing! I love the mixed culture, kind people, and definitely the food scene. However, I felt like something was missing. I needed challenges and the thrill in my life. I moved here to find out where life is going to take me. Plus, I write English lyrics. I’ve never written a Thai song, so I thought the United States was probably the place where I should release my first EP/album.” Soon, Grammy winning producers Ghian Wright and Robert L. Smith teamed up with her to write her debut EP, truth she told. “I’m blessed to be able to meet and work with such remarkably creative people. Co-producing with Ghian and Robert has been a wonderful journey. It took us more than a year and a half to finish 11 songs. I love that each of us has our own space to create.”

Roskamala’s lead single, “Kiss Me Amnesia,” bemoans her self-inflicted romantic doom. “It was one of those rainy nights in Seattle that inspired me to write this song. I was overwhelmed by my relationship pattern. I had more than 10 relationships and none of them seemed to last. The shortest relationship I had was less than a day. Either good ones or bad ones, I kept running.”  Still, she has faith she can break her cycle of toxicity. “I chose amnesia as the metaphor for magic pills to numb negative thoughts and memories. Every time I listen to ‘forget tonight, face it again tomorrow’ (the outro of the song), surprisingly the message gives me more and more hope and I am ready to create my new pattern. If it helps me, I do hope it can help other people as well.” Festering wounds quickly manifest in the present. “I believe we are who we are today in our current relationships based on our childhood and our experiences. The very first love we know is the love from our parents, then siblings, then friends and then partners. They shaped up who we are and also our behaviors. Acceptance, understanding, forgiveness and loving yourself are the keys to rewriting the journey.” The song operates along a deep psychological chasm. “The Amnesia world represents our subconsciousness, thoughts, and dreams. Sometimes, we could be our worst enemies if our issues are unsolved. Reality world represents real events that are affected by the Amnesia world. The concept came from my nightmares mostly.”

truth she told will be a further exploration of the effects of unhealed trauma. “It’s based on actual experiences. The ugly truth we likely avoid discussing. Life isn’t as easy as you see on social media. Everyone has their own issues. Here are mine. This EP is a symbol of the gray world. It’s not all black or all white. All the songs in this EP and next EP are all in different genres and all the singers are all different intentionally, to show it’s a variety of life. I wish everyone to enjoy every bit of life and hopefully my music as well.” The thread of resilience holds strong regardless. “Life always brings you lemons. Successfully adapting to challenges and difficult situations are as necessary as enjoying the good parts.”

More people out there understand our struggles than we might believe. “Oftentimes, for some people, including me, we find ourselves facing problems alone. We want happiness, but hardly know where to start. Music unites people and makes this world a better place. I feel understood, heard, and more hopeful listening to songs that are related to my situations. And my purpose for working on this project is 1 or 5 or millions of people could see the world differently and find peace. You are not alone. Hope helps us reduce stress, level up happiness, and improve quality of life.” Roskamala wants her listeners to feel that support. She aspires to further her impact. “I do my best at every process of this project everyday. From songwriting, directing, singing, and screenwriting to acting, I’d love to be able to continue creating more and more EP/albums that possibly impact more and more people everyday. My success is hearing someone say,  ‘I’m much happier listening to your music,’ or “Your song changed my life.’” Hearing a song can totally change the course of our day – or our lives. Keep an eye out for her next single, coming out March 17th!

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Roskamala Offers Hope Through Life’s Adversity in Upcoming EP, “truth she told.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Roskamala.

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