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Trista Croce Transforms Luxury Weddings Into Magical Fantasies

Trista Croce stumbled into her dream job by chance. Sometimes good things do come out of unpaid internships! “I discovered my love for event coordination when I was in college,” she says. “I had to do a non-paid internship and randomly ended up with a non-profit organization where I was in charge of the events they had. I believe there was some turnover in the organization, so I ended up being a bigger part of the process than what a typical intern would be responsible for, but I loved every part of it. I ended up getting contracted for future events and the ball kept rolling from there.” She finds herself swept off her feet by the ephemeral fantasy of weddings. “The thing I love most about weddings is the fairytale, the love, the creativity and the ability to create this really magical and romantic space for one couple, along with all of their family and friends, for one night and then it’s gone, and it can never be replicated or redone. It’s like creating a dream!” A personal touch can make all the difference when it comes to wedding planning. “I’m able to bring a special creative eye to my client’s big day by getting to know them. I pay attention to so many details and small comments that come up throughout the planning process.  I like to focus on things that mean something to them. This makes all of my couples’ details unique to their story.”

Trista’s flair inspired her to found her own company, BTS Event Management. They are prepared for every single aspect of wedding planning. “BTS Event Management is such a great company. We are unique in the wedding world in a sense that we operate almost like an agency. We do all of the planning and coronation and oftentimes the creation of the weddings in-house. We have a huge focus on wedding fashion and trends, and we can equally dominate in the organization, management, and logistics side of this as well as the creative side of the process. Our clients are our center focus, which creates a service and experience that I think is unmatched!” Trista considers herself the Olivia Pope of wedding planning. “I figure things out!  I take the stress from our clients by troubleshooting problems. I am always thinking 10 steps ahead and solving the what-ifs before the what-ifs even come about. I really focus a lot on researching, budgeting, and planning, which makes for a smooth process for all of our couples.” She’s fantastic at reading people, which comes in handy when you’re trying to execute one of the most significant moments of someone’s life. “I help my clients formulate a vision by paying attention to who they are and by really getting to know them. I like to think I have pretty good people skills so it’s easy to learn what kind of style our couples have and then show them details on what I’m picking up on.”

A BTS Events wedding is truly one of a kind. Trista anticipates every detail. “My luxury weddings are unique because they truly are filled with custom details. They are unique because my weddings are not a copy and paste of what is trendy now. The designs are timeless and elegant and the details, flow of the evening, and little touches are creative and thoroughly thought through for each couple.” The results can be as unexpected as they are inspiring. “One of my favorite memories from a wedding was a wedding we did in Tulum. The couple wanted to do something unique and ended up doing this insanely enchanting fire dance. We were in the middle of the jungle. There was a team of dancers who started the performance off and then the couple stood in the middle of them. The dancers lit a ring of fire around the couple. It was magical, it was romantic, and it was like something I’ve never seen before. Watching the performance definitely brought me to tears and is something I will never forget.” That wonderful day will never lose its mystique for Trista. “After so many years, I am able to still be innovative because my clientele is always different. I get my inspiration from them so as long as I continue to work with new clients, my creativity will never dim.” BTS Events is on the verge of expanding into an empire. “We plan to take over all of the Kardashian events. We will continue to grow our destination base and I would eventually love to add a beauty side to BTS that specializes in beauty prep and pampering to get ready for the big day. This would include things like skincare, fitness, lashes, and tanning.” With Trista’s help, weddings will remain treasured memories for life. Check out BTS Event Management on Instagram and TikTok and give Trista’s podcast The Aisle a listen!

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Trista Croce Transforms Luxury Weddings Into Magical Fantasies. Photo Credit (in order): Nicole Ivan Photo and Ashley Teresa.