Rebirth of Vinyl

I’ve always been an old soul. I remember finding my dad’s old record collection in our basement when I was about 10 years old. Ever since then, collecting vinyl records has been one of my passions. However, when I was younger, listening to records was not the “in” thing. When I would show friends my record collection, they’d be confused as to what the albums even were. Yet, somewhere in the past few years, a shift back to vinyl has happened. There’s been a sudden mass interest in buying and collecting vinyl albums. Having a record collection is now the trendy and “in” thing.

Right now is a really exciting time for music. Not only are we able to enjoy our favorite artists through digital music, but we are also able to enjoy the music of the past the way it was originally heard. This appreciation for vinyl has helped revive the music of the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s and made it relevant in the current day.
It is said that styles and trends tend to repeat themselves. Vinyl is definitely one of those trends. But why vinyl? What has made this form of music so appealing to young people again? For starters, Record Store Day, which began in 2007, really helped boost interest in vinyl and an enthusiasm for collecting music.  
Another reason why vinyl has become so appealing in a world of digital media is the authentic and personal nature of vinyl. The warm, crackling sound that vinyl albums have, as well as the ability to hold your favorite album in your hand and hear the songs the way they were originally heard, have been major contributors to a growing interest in buying and collecting vinyl albums. They provide a more raw and authentic way to listen to music that you can’t get from listening to music digitally.
These contributors are obviously not appealing to everyone. Many people still prefer digital music to the old ways of vinyl. However, for those who enjoy retro music and technology, or who are simply nostalgic for the past, the rebirth of vinyl is both fascinating and exciting. The rebirth of vinyl goes to show that no matter how outdated something may seem, times change and trends resurface. You never know, something that seems completely irrelevant today could in the next few years be the most popular trend.
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