Lana Del Rey’s New Single: Honeymoon

Have you ever heard the popular saying, “We’re all cray-cray like Lana Del Rey-Rey?” No? Okay. Perhaps it’s just a small town catch phrase then.
From her hit single, “Summertime Sadness” to “Young and Beautiful,” a song well known for its exposure Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Lana Del Rey has risen to the top of the music industry and her new single simply proves that fact. “Honeymoon,” the artist’s latest single and title track from her upcoming fourth album, is yet another song you can expect radio stations to be playing on repeat!
With Taylor Swift bringing back the ‘80s with her upbeat rhythms and vinyl records becoming more and more popular, Lana Del Rey’s music fits right in with the trend of bringing old school back into style. Unlike many artists however, Lana’s music comes with a vintage feel. Her lyrics carry great depth and her tone of voice, emotion. Her melodies are dark, old-fashioned, and yet enchanting at the same time.
“There are violets in your eyes / There are guns that blaze around you,” are just a few lyrics taken from “Honeymoon” that portray her use of a writer’s most simple and yet substantial rule to show, not tell. Her hair, her clothing, her entire image, coincides with her music in a classic manner, giving off a sense of empowerment. Don’t believe me? Watch one of her music videos and prepare to be moved!
The artist revealed in a recent Instagram post, “In some ways, I feel [“Honeymoon”] is where the record begins and ends…” which gives us a subtle hint to expect the rest of the music in her forthcoming album to revolve around the theme or message of this particular song. All that is really left to do now is wait for September, when her full album is expected to be released, so to find out once and for all what she really has in store for us!
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