Taylor Swift’s Most Underrated Track in 1989

We’ve been listening to her music since her former country-singing days of songs that included “Teardrops on my Guitar” and “Tim McGraw.” Now, Taylor Swift has emerged with a new dimension of pop music. The tracks in her latest album, 1989, carry great inspiration from the ‘80s and have resulted in the pop star winning us over yet again!
With her latest singles, “Shake it Off,” “Blank Space,” “Style,” and now “Bad Blood” breaking records upon records in the music industry, it seems as though no other artist is able to compete with this form of talent.
A song from her album that often tends to be overlooked, however, is “New Romantics.” Hearing it for the first time, you can almost picture yourself strutting down the streets of New York City with a group of girlfriends, wearing five-inch heels and wandering around aimlessly. Perhaps if we had her core group of strong female friends (and Ed Sheeran, of course), along with a $20 million penthouse suite in Tribeca, that is exactly what we would be doing.
“New Romantics” shines a new light on what we formerly viewed as romance. Swift never fails to place each word right where it belongs when arranging her lyrics and with this song, she has created a new definition of the word altogether, one that rejects mainstream society’s version. Her adaptation of romance entails the importance of close friendships, a passion for art and a love for the simple things that life has to offer. And speaking for myself, I think I prefer this version over the former.
Taylor Swift has always been and will always be one of the strongest advocates in teaching us all to gain acceptance towards our pasts, loving ourselves in the present, and creating a better life for ourselves in the future. She has an act of doing this by using the simplest forms of honesty and relatability to guide her lyrics. “New Romantics” is one of the best examples for sending off the message of self-love while creating a much more realistic image of what freedom looks like.
When asked in interviews what the pop star’s next step will be, she doesn’t have an answer just yet, but from past experience, we can all expect it to be even bigger and better than 1989. Although that seems nearly impossible at this point, if anyone can top it, it would be Taylor herself.
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