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South Asian Pop Star Nikitaa Releases Latest Single, “DITK”

South Asian Pop Star Nikitaa Releases Latest Single, “DITK”

Mumbai-LA-based singer-songwriter, Nikitaa, has released her latest single, “DITK” (Dancing In The Kitchen). After a series of releases, Nikitaa comes to terms with a journey of processing emotions from an abusive experience. “DITK” is a more upbeat pop/RnB-style song than her previous releases. Nikitaa goes back to her childhood, remembering how reverting to dance in uneasy times. 

Born out of an abusive experience, “DITK” depicts the aftermath of the outing of her abuser by another woman. The fast, pop percussion and electric melodies of the song make it impossible to be still. Making the song upbeat, wanting listeners to dance were two purposeful decisions Nikitaa made. She wants listeners to welcome the same relief she was experiencing when physically shaking off unprocessed feelings.

The song came to Nikitaa while wandering into her kitchen, in search of a midnight snack after everyone else had fallen asleep. Flooded with emotions, memories of her abuse, tied to her childhood home, were beginning to resurface. Remembering feelings of loss and worthlessness that once overcame her in that same kitchen, Nikitaa comes to a sudden realization that she is only just now beginning the phases of grieving and understanding these traumatic events, but she knew that with time could, and would overcome all of it.

Nikitaa on her single, “DITK”: “Freedom is confusing when you experience it for the first time on a whole new level. And so, to represent those mixed emotions, I chose for DITK to be upbeat and very dancer/choreographer friendly, while the lyrics and vocals speak to my discomfort and pain. This song is all bass, drums, and percussion, with some guitars thrown in. I took on every possible role I could when creating this song– producer, writter and preformer.”

Born and raised in Mumbai, singer-songwriter Nikitaa, has spent her recent years in LA mastering her art. She is poised to be a breakthrough star on the independent music scene, creating a witty blend of sassy melodies, partnered with powerful lyrics that give added depth to each of her compositions. Nikitaa combines ethereal Pop/RnB with a subtle nod to the South-Asian soundscape bringing a new genre she calls “Goddess Pop.”

Her 2021 release, “Boomerang” made it onto two charts on iTunes in India placing #24 and #155, the first being the Top 200 Pop and the second, Top 200 All Genres. In 2020, the transcontinental singer has put out more than 4 singles – “Tum Aur Main,” “Universe,” “Goddess,” and “Clutch” and sang for a Netflix film Masaba Masaba and she promises not to stop.

Nikitaa is a born entertainer, with the ability to transcend language, culture, and ethnicity. She is on a self-proclaimed mission as an artist is to break down barriers, shatter stereotypes and bring people together under the universal language of music.

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