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Meet Iranian-Born Seattle-Based Music Artist Hila

Meet Iranian-Born Seattle-Based Music Artist Hila

Based in Seattle, Hila is an upcoming, gifted artist whose love for music started at an early age. On social media, she has garnered the attention of many fans who connect with her sound and style. Using social media as a new age platform to share music, her first single, “Easy to Lose Control,” was a hit sensation – gaining over 200,000 streams within the first month. Hila writes and records all her tracks in her bedroom with the help of her producer, Brett Koolik. Together, they continue to experiment and bend the rules of sound with her newest hit single, “Thoughts Out Loud.” In only 2 weeks of its release, the song started a trend and was used in hundreds of videos – receiving over 2 million views. Hila continues to grow a community of fans who relate to her and her music for its authentic messages and melodic beats.

With her single, “Thoughts Out Loud,” out now, we took some time to hear more from Hila. Read below to learn more about Hila, the story behind her single, and what’s to come.

Hi Hila! Let’s start with how did you get your artist name?

HI 🙂 My artist name is just my real first name. I decided to stick with just my first name ’cause I like it!

What city are you from and where are you based now?

I was born in Iran, but I am based in Seattle. A lot of people are always so surprised to hear that I wasn’t born here.

At what point in your life did you decide to pursue a career in music? How did you get started?

I’ve loved music my entire life. I wrote music all the time as a little kid, and I’d watch Hannah Montana, wishing I could be like her. I’d spend hours uploading covers to YouTube. For the longest time, I got distracted from music. I thought I wanted to be an actress. Then, I realized I wasn’t passionate enough for it. It was funny ’cause the passion that I had for music was always right under my nose, but I didn’t realize it till I tried to chase the wrong passions. Then a year ago, I finally released my first official song. I was so scared for the longest time to put my own music out. I was afraid people would judge me, but I’m happy that I did!

Has your upbringing played a role in shaping who you are and defining your sound today? If so, how?

I think my upbringing has definitely shaped who I am today, but I think in terms of my sound, it’s something that I’m finding just from exploring different styles of music.

How would you describe your sound to readers who may not be familiar with you?

That’s a good question since I’m not even sure how to describe it yet! If I had to say a genre or sound, I would definitely say I fall into the Pop category. Maybe sad dark Pop? I’m not even sure if that’s really an official sound/style haha.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music? What do you do to stay creative?

I love hanging out with friends. I love to dance. I try to find new movies to watch. I’ll do my makeup at like 3 AM just to wipe it off. If I have a random idea come in my head, I’ll always try to bring it to life, so I can remember it for later. What I mean is if a melody idea comes into my mind, I try to record it on my iPhone. Or, if I think of a movie idea, I’ll act it out in a video and send it to my friends or maybe even film it on TikTok!

Who are some of your main musical influences?

I always get nervous answering this question since I never want people to think I’m trying to directly copy anyone. But, I have different musical influences for different reasons. I love Billie Eilish for her ability to write about darker topics. I love Doja Cat’s confidence and ability to try fun new things in her music. I love Lana Del Rey for her musical aesthetic.

What are some of your future music career goals?

I would love to release music videos! Maybe do a mini tour sometime in the future; release an album or an EP; potentially collaborate with some other artists or musicians.

Now onto your release, “Thoughts Out Loud.” What inspired this song?

I had a person close to me who I cared about that would make me feel unseen and abandoned sometimes. I just wanted them to tell me they cared, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hear the words that I wanted. So, I came home, one day, and just started singing whatever I felt at the time and what I wish someone would say to me. The original recording of it was actually me just crying through my words, and from there, it turned into what it is now 🙂

What is “Thoughts Out Loud” about in your own words?

It’s about two people having a conversation late at night. In this conversation, I’m opening up to the other person, and telling them about my past and how I’m afraid everyone will always leave in the end. But, I wish instead of leaving someone would stay and tell me “don’t be afraid, I’ll always stay.”

What is your favorite lyric in “Thoughts Out Loud” and why?

I think it has to be, “can we pretend it’s you and I, city sleeps till the morning light,” just because the rest of the song feels so heartbreaking and sad. This part just feels so peaceful in a way. Like you’re in the moment with someone and it’s late at night when the world is quiet. There’s nothing I love more than having a late night conversation with someone, and the idea of having it go till you watch sunrise together sounds so nice.

What message do you hope fans take away from your music and from “Thoughts Out Loud?”

I really want people to listen to my music and just know that whatever they are feeling, they aren’t alone. There are so many people that struggle with different issues, and negative feelings about themselves and people around them. I want to embrace those emotions and bring them to light so people can maybe understand they aren’t the only ones dealing with these feelings.

What’s one of your proudest moments of your music career so far?

I think ending up on a Spotify editorial playlist! They are so freaking hard to get on, and it was so cool to be able to get
on one!!!

What would you say are the greatest lessons you’ve learned so far?

Don’t show your music to your friends. I say this because when you have so many different opinions on what you can do to “better the song” you start losing your mind. I end up modifying the song to what 20 people tell me, and then, it gets discouraging and overwhelming. So now, if any of my friends want to listen, they just have to wait to listen when it’s out.

What’s next for you? Are you working on any upcoming projects that we should be on the lookout for?

I’m working on a music video, but I’m not sure when that will be out. And, more songs!

Where can we follow you on social media?

My Instagram and TikTok are @heelabee!
My YouTube is Hila
IG: https://instagram.com/heelabee
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@heelabee
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCWTxtby23HiSTYi1lywqgkQ

Before you go, let’s ask you a couple of random questions:

What’s your favorite movie/tv show?

It changes constantly, but I think, for now, my favorite movie is Crimson Peak and my favorite show is Euphoria.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Time control! Because, I could go back in time and relive experiences or undo mistakes, or travel to the future and see what cool technology and stuff we came up with. Even to freeze the day, so I can spend hours doing what I want and not feeling rushed. Plus all the fun ways you can mess with your friends. Every other super power doesn’t seem as fun!

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