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Blonde Roses Talk New EP Plans and Single “Bullet”

A group who is unafraid to blend various sounds, New Orleans-based band Blonde Roses will soon become your new favorite artist after one listen to their new single “Bullet.”  A tight-knit group, Blonde Roses is a band that intertwines alternative, Southern blues, and rock. With Molly Portier’s amazing vocals, Harry Rosenberg on the guitar, Anthony Mikhael on the drums, and Albert Moliere on the bass, they can do no wrong. Their single “Bullet” promises refreshing revival paired with a hauntingly arresting music video with a vengeful twist. Along with their mixtape The Wooden Wings, the passionate group shows great promise as they embed personal strife with thrumming emotions in their music. Here, the group chats about their recent single “Bullet,” their creative process, and what we can expect in the near future.

Cliché: I love the name Blonde Roses; I feel like it fits perfectly. How did you come up with it?
Blonde Roses: Thank you! We really took our time coming up with our name because we wanted it to be just right. We wanted it to be totally “us.” The name Rose is not only my middle name, but also a name that a lot of our family members carry in some way. It’s really special for us to be able to honor them—our biggest fans. And, well, I’m blonde.
When and where did you guys meet? And when did you decide to do music together?
Before we were Blonde Roses, we went by the name The Wooden Wings. I started off this project when I was 15 years old playing acoustic coffee shop gigs. It got to a point where if we wanted to grow and progress in this project, we needed a band that could take us from coffee shops to bigger venues and bars. We were all really close friends prior to doing music together, so it felt really natural to work together creatively. We’re all on the same wavelength. Being able to continue writing and performing as not only bandmates, but best friends, is such a blessing.
Tell us something about yourself that you would want your fans to know.
That’s a really tough one because I feel like we’re pretty open with our fans. If anything, we’re quirky and awkward and we embrace it. Never compromise or change who you are because of what people may think of you. Stay true to you.
Do you think having been born in Louisiana has influenced and changed how you make music?
The music culture is so rich down here, it’s hard to not influenced by it. We are now more than ever really embracing our southern Louisiana roots. We’re really proud to showcase where we come from and who we are in our music. Our newer material is a lot more gritty and raw, and I can definitely say that stems from our influences right here at home.
I like how you guys blend different genres together. Will you continue with this trend or branch out and try another method?
I think it’s really important for artists to continue to push themselves out of their comfort zone creatively, and that’s why we love mixing and blending the different genres we listen to on a daily basis. The music we listen to falls all over the spectrum, so it really pushes us to take the things we love about each and make it our own.

Never compromise or change who you are because of what people may think of you. Stay true to you.

I heard you are heavily impacted by ‘60’s and ‘70’s music. How has that shaped your sound? Also, has the fashion of those times influenced your wardrobe choices?
We all grew up listening to music from the ‘60s and ‘70s. It was such an unapologetic, honest era of music. Music is at its best when it’s unfiltered and raw, and that is something we strive to do. I think it definitely has influenced my wardrobe choices to an extent, but I love mixing and matching styles from different eras.
For those who have not seen it yet, can you tell us the message behind your visually compelling music video for your single “Bullet”?
Our director, John Paul Summers, really wanted to do something different and daring with this project. We both agreed that it should play out like a mini-film rather than a typical music video, so we wanted to dive a bit deeper into the lyrics and really find a cool storyline to accompany them. “Bullet” was inspired by the cherry tree, which symbolizes the fragility of life. My character is stuck in this endless loop of destruction, but sometimes you end up really lost before being able to find yourself again. It was really important for us to make this character a really strong, independent female anti-hero, even if she is a terribly broken. She, in a sense, is acting as a “protector” for women who have been wronged by men.
The video for “Bullet” is so intense and femme fatale! Did you have fun making the video?
It was definitely a learning experience for me, that’s for sure! I had never dabbled in acting before, so playing such an intense character for my first time in front of a camera like that was super scary but also super awesome. Our director and his crew were incredible to work with.
What music are you guys listening to now? Do you guys have similar music tastes?
Our music tastes definitely vary, but we have some core influences we all love and admire. To name just a few: Muddy Magnolias, Grace Potter, LP, and Gary Clark, Jr.
You recently were touring all around Louisiana. How was the experience?
Having the opportunity to travel with your best friends and do the thing that you love…there really is nothing like it. Because of how close we all are, almost like family, we’re really comfortable with each other on stage and can easily play off of one another’s vibes. Playing live is truly one of the most exhilarating feelings.
What is next for you guys?
We are currently hard at work finishing up our debut EP set to be released early 2017, so stay in touch with us! We can’t wait to share it with you guys!
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Photographed by Julie Gautreaux

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