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Singer Erin Kirby Teams Up With TikTok Star JVKE for New Single “Bad Luck”

Singer Erin Kirby Teams Up With TikTok Star JVKE for New Single “Bad Luck”

Renowned singer/songwriter Erin Kirby has never been afraid to bear it all in her music. Now, the pop star is collaborating with TikTok sensation JVKE in a catchy new single, “Bad Luck,” which captures the desire to hide your feelings and blame yourself as a relationship crumbles. But Erin has confidence that her faith can lead her in the right direction, in spite of the temporary obstacles. Stream “Bad Luck” HERE and check out Erin on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

Cliché: Why is Atlanta such a special place to you musically?
Atlanta has had so many incredible artists come out of it. The city is also very accepting of all genres!! 
You won Jezebel Magazine’s songwriter of the year! How would you describe your songwriting process?
 I usually start writing a song by sitting down with my guitar and coming up with chords. The lyrics and melodies grow from there. 
How has the pandemic and quarantine impacted you as an artist?
 I have learned so much about myself as an artist while in quarantine. My writing skills have grown and I started recording a bit at home. 
Tell us about your new single, “Bad Luck.”
“Bad Luck” is a chill pop song that anyone can listen to. We have all a person that holds us back and they feel like our “bad luck.” That is what this song is all about. 
What was it like collaborating with JVKE?
 J and his brother are super great to work with! I love writing with them and every time we create a song it’s a blast. 
The song is about feeling pressured to hide your emotions around others, especially in a bad relationship. How have you dealt with toxic relationships in the past?
When I am stuck in a toxic relationship, I ask God to guide me through it. Whether that means I have to end the relationship or help the other person through whatever they may be dealing with, I let God tell me how to handle the situation.
Going off of that, it’s easy to blame yourself for a failing relationship. In your own experience, how do you remove yourself from an unhealthy situation without internalizing the idea that it’s your fault?
Removing yourself from a toxic relationship is extremely difficult. I have found that the easiest way to do it is to get our quickly and then lean of the Lord and my family. If you find people that really love you then you will see how much happier you are outside of the toxic relationship you were stuck in. 
Do you think you’ll have better luck in 2021?
I truly do hope so!!! I guess we will just have to see what path God has for me.

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Singer Erin Kirby Teams Up With TikTok Star JVKE for New Single “Bad Luck.” Photo Credit: Melinda Kirby.

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