Lulleaux’s ‘Fade Into The Sun: The Remixes’ is Out Now

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re home alone? Stuff your face with all of your favorite unhealthy foods? Relax with a book or dance it out to your favorite music? We prefer the latter. In fact, solo dance parties are the best way to spend time alone, it’s practically backed up by science. Now, in order to make your solo dance party the best solo dance party ever you’re going to need a few things. First, you’ll need space because a dance party is not a dance party without the room to perfect your signature moves, next, you’ll need snacks because post party you will have surely worked up an appetite and the last thing you’ll need is… music and we have the perfect songs to start and end your solo dance party with.

Lulleaux’s “Fade Into The Sun The Remixes” which is out now is the perfect collection of your new favorite song that you were searching for but couldn’t find. The perfect mix of house, dance music and catchy lyrics like, “Dance with the wolves/before our nights begin to fade into the sun.” it’s easy to fall in love with the original but the remixes breathe a whole new life into the song. As much as we love the fast paced and club like vibe of the first remix we are also very fond of the slower, more relaxing but still fun and upbeat vibe of the second remix. In fact, while writing this review we caught ourselves dancing in our seats.
This isn’t Lulleaux’s first rodeo in the business of making brilliant remixes to popular songs. In 2014, he remixed Anna Graceman’s “Words” which resulted in one and a half million hits on SoundCloud. His genre of choice is Melodic House and with “Fade Into The Sun The Remixes.” As his newest release and upcoming projects in the works with Sam Feldt for Spinnin’ Records all the while working to finish law school he shows no signs of stopping his trip to the top and we can’t wait to see where his true star power takes him.

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