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Lucy & La Mer Wants You To Go On An Adventure in Her New Song, “Discover”

As her name evokes, Lucy & La Mer is  as pleasant as a summer beach day. That’s no coincidence – her music reflects her upbeat personality.  Always warm and encouraging, Lucy‘s songs aim to inspire listeners to seize the day with optimism and self love.  Her new song “Discover” frames the uncertainty of life with rosy curiosity and excitement, a deliberate departure from the usual doom and gloom associated with the unknown. 


This steadfast positivity, and indeed the overarching motivation behind her upcoming EP I Feel Better Now, stemmed from a concerted effort to reimagine herself in a place of better mental health following a struggle with mental illness. Lucy is also a proudly bisexual artist and humbled by the opportunity to represent the LGBT community as well as helping fans to come to terms with their own sexuality.

Cliché: How did you first get involved with music?
Lucy & La Mer: I’ve always loved to sing but was too shy to sing in front of everyone. I learned a few guitar chords from my Dad and started performing spoken poetry to music. Eventually I got the courage to try it and haven’t stopped!

How would you say your sound has evolved since your debut EP, Little Spoon?
For my first EP, I used the instruments I had around my room. It felt very live and was entirely acoustic. Since then, I’ve worked with many different producers for my single releases and we’ve explored everything from country to rock pop. It’s been fun to push the boundaries, but I always come back to folk music. I think the wonderful part about being an independent artist is the freedom to explore your sound without anyone putting you in a box.

Talk about your new song “Discover” and your upcoming EP, I Feel Better Now. 
The new song is about letting yourself have a bit more fun. Discover is about exploring and traveling and allowing the unknown to be a fun, mysterious adventure (instead of the existential angst some of us tend to see it as). 

The theme of the EP is positivity. I was going through some mental health issues, and considered writing a sad, somber album. Instead, I encouraged myself to imagine what it would feel like and sound like to “feel better” and wrote from there. At times it was almost comical, but I made something very light and fun and I’m proud of that.

You wrote your last EP while living on a sailboat! Where were you during the process of creating this EP?
Southern California mostly. Born and raised. The water always makes me feel better.

Self-validation and positivity are central themes to your music. Why do you think it’s so important to stay upbeat?
You gotta look for the rainbows after the rain. Life is a really beautiful thing if you can focus on the good things. It’s easier said than done, of course. But practicing and choosing good thoughts over the negative ones will change your life. 

Your new EP also explores discovering one’s bisexuality. What has your own personal journey to your identity been like for you?  What do you want your fans to take away from sharing these experiences?
I felt incredibly isolated before I found a community that was accepting of my sexuality. I’ve only been out for a couple years, but I’ve never felt more myself. I hope sharing my experiences (both good and bad) will help others feel less alone.

What advice do you have for fans who are currently realizing or struggling with attraction to the same gender?
Allow yourself time to figure it out. It’s a really wonderful thing to realize, but also can be overwhelming. Practice self-care. There are a lot of great hotlines you can call to talk to if you don’t feel safe talking to friends or family. And also know that sexuality can change over time, so don’t be afraid of feeling differently or changing how you identify. I’ve had friends come out as lesbian and then realize they’re actually bi, and friends who think they’re bi but later feel they identify as gay. And that’s 100% okay and valid. 

What does it mean to you to be able to give back to the LGBT community through fundraisers and to raise awareness through your platform?
It’s everything. I love playing music, but it would just be a hobby if I didn’t also have a way to bring together community and work towards a higher goal. 

If you could give everyone one tip to help them start believing in themselves, what would it be? 
Surround yourself with people who not only believe in you, but also believe in themselves. Think about the feelings you have around certain people – do you feel like they give you energy or take away? We naturally take on the beliefs of the people around us. 

And also, affirmations. After you brush your teeth everyday, look in the mirror and say “I believe in myself”. It seems silly but it’s magical. I believe in you!

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Lucy & La Mer Wants You To Go On An Adventure in Her New Song “Discover.” Photo Credit: Colette Raquel.

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