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KG Crown Opens Up About Bullying, Heartbreak, and Perseverance

KG Crown Opens Up About Bullying, Heartbreak, and Perseverance

KG Crown’s experience with bullying has been up close and personal for many years. Her chosen profession was a particular target. “I am a victim of bullying and harassment. It started around the age of 11 years old and it is ongoing,” she reveals. “It first started when my success and social media numbers grew. I suspect it was a response out of jealousy. I think it’s natural for some people to be envious of that. But unfortunately, I was not just bullied by my peers, but also by their parents and school faculty. I grew up in a very conservative Christian town. Many people there do not support my pursuits as an artist or actress and consider the entertainment industry to be ‘bad.’ So I was attacked and demoralized for choosing to follow my dreams as a model, singer, and actress. The bullying by adults in my community got so severe that I had to move to California to protect my safety and mental health. I personally feel there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a performer. I spend my days doing school, training in dance, singing, and musical instruments. There is nothing dishonorable about that. I work very hard. I have been blessed with a lot of opportunities and a big platform which I intend to use to do good things in this world. So I have no regrets.”

She channeled her emotions into her first single, “Bad.” It embodies triumphant defiance over the naysayers. “‘Bad’ was one of the first songs I released right after I moved to California. It is basically a story of what I experienced while going through that harassment. I wrote it along with a co-writer as sort of an anti-bullying anthem. It is a very sassy and powerful song. And it was a way for me to stand up for myself, address false rumors, and say this is my life and I am going to be what I want to be and live as I wish. I directed the music video for that shoot. It was overall just an empowering moment for me as an artist and it was a healing moment at the same time. I also was blessed to partner with The Trevor Project and bring awareness to their organization.” KG also feels so passionately about her advocacy because of the painful memories of her brother’s struggles. “I am a strong anti-bullying advocate and speaker not just because of my own personal experiences, but also because I watched my brother, who is a member of the LBGTQ community, be bullied and discriminated against for being gay. Some of it was downright criminal. So I want to stand up for him too. I think so many kids out there are victims of bullying. I just don’t have a tolerance for it. I think every person deserves to be treated with equality, kindness, love and respect.” If you’re being harassed, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone. “My advice is to stay strong. Often bullying has little to do with the person being bullied and everything to do with the insecurities of the bully. It’s important to know you are not alone. You do not have to suffer in silence. And I would encourage them to speak about it with a trusted adult.”

Her two recent singles explore the rougher times in life. “‘Picture Perfect Love’ is a song I wrote about a recent breakup. It’s a song I think many people can relate to. It is about having this picture perfect relationship end and how difficult it is to watch the person you love move on in life with other people. The song is heartbreaking for me. ‘Porcelain Queen’ is a song written to promote mental health awareness. It’s a song about how you can have this traumatic event happen and it breaks you. You can never be put back together in the same way after that. But in the end, that experience can make you a much stronger person. Again, it is a sassy, performance driven song. Both songs were just released a few months ago, so please check them out!” KG admits heartbreak is one of her biggest challenges. “I find I get way too attached to people. I am very selective about who I date. I look for someone that shares my values and is endgame for me. I am the girl who makes that guy the center of her universe and is extremely loyal and devoted to only him. So when it ends, I really have a hard time letting go. I am terrible at it. I love too deeply. I have had some terrible breakups. I never really understood why you can’t just break up and be friends. But in those circumstances, I think all you can try to do is hold your head high, stick to your values, and move on.”

Nonetheless, when faced with adversity, KG has proven her determination to persevere. “It’s so important and something I learned early on in life. My mother taught me this saying as a little girl, ‘She believed she could, so she did.” She really instilled in me the idea that we can do anything we want in life if we work hard and believe in ourselves. I work in an industry of rejection. If I had given up every time someone told me ‘no’ or that I could not do something, I’d never be here. I want to tell my fans to never let anyone else define you or your abilities. You really can do anything you want in life if you make it your passion and believe in yourself. You don’t need anyone else to believe in you!” We are each our own biggest cheerleaders. 

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KG Crown Opens Up About Bullying, Heartbreak, and Perseverance. Photo Credit: Thom Kerr.

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