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Jordan Corey wants to be innovative. She wants to build up an audience through social media and grassroots marketing. There is no doubting that she can do it. In March of 2013, Corey reached out to fans to help back a project of hers. She wanted to release a 3-song EP with three videos to go along with the project (in Beyonce fashion but even before Beyonce released her album). In just 30 days, fans helped her raise over $16,000 for the project. She released Trilogy in February, and if you haven’t listened/watched yet, you want to get right on that.

Cliché: What is the story behind Trilogy?
Jordan Corey: Trilogy is my latest all-original EP. It is an audio/visual project with three songs and three accompanying music videos. The record is a movement of feeling — the first, “Final Goodbye,” is the fire, the second, “Hold Me Under,” is the passage, and the third, “Here Rite Now,” is the silence, the serenity.
How’d you get an idea for the project?
I didn’t have an idea for the theme of this record before I started writing it. The writing came first, and before I knew it, I was telling the story of a chunk of my life. The story of Trilogy really picks up where Do Me Wrong left off. Where Do Me Wrong was very tumultuous, Trilogy captures a more empowering moment in my life. “Final Goodbye” is the moment I decided to drop all of the troubles I was singing about in my last record and move on. “Hold Me Under” is about making that huge change in my life, but continuing to be haunted by my past. And “Here Rite Now,” is the moment I found solace and peace in love, where I was able to rediscover myself in happiness.
When you worked on the music, did you have the plans for the videos in mind?
At the time I was writing the music I did not have plans for the videos in mind. The music came first, and the videos were born from the sounds.
What do you want viewers and listeners to get from the project?
My favorite music is music I can feel the moment I press play. If anything, thats what I want viewers and listeners to respond to — the feeling of this project.
Do you have a favorite song of the three?
I love all three tracks off the EP, but if I had to pick, “Here Rite Now” continues to radiate within me. I love the blue-eyed soul and the honest lyrics.
Part 1: Final Goodbye

The rest can be found at her site, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more.
Photo provided by Jordan Corey

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