Interview with Irina Shapiro

Interview with Irina Shapiro
From her new music video “One Last Kiss,” it is clear that Irina Shapiro is an up-and- coming star. However, Shapiro is a unique artist because she was born in Russia, and thus English is not her first language. Nonetheless, she has hurdled over this obstacle and released a new music video. Below she dishes about her career, her future, music, and her music video for “One Last Kiss.”

Cliché: For those of us not familiar with your style of music, could you describe it for us?
Irina Shapiro: My style is best described as very slick, sexy, supercharged dance music that I feel like everyone can relate to. I incorporate very meaningful lyrics with fun, upbeat tempos that make people want to get up and move to the music. It is the type anyone can sing along to.

Are any of your songs based on personal experiences?
All of my songs are about me, my history, or my feelings about love and relationships. If you want to know more about me, just listen to my songs.

Did anything funny or embarrassing happen when you made your music video?
I thought it was so funny riding on top of the Russian tank down the hill while wearing 11-inch Tom Ford gladiator heels in 114 degree heat. I think it showed a little Russian heroism. The next day, we did the video shoot for my next single “Believe,” so that was double fun. We went from the “Something About You” sexy girlicious military base to the open, windy spaces of the desert dry lake for “Believe” in just two days!
Can you describe what the “Make Love, Not War” movement is about?
In “One Last Kiss,” the statement “Make Love, Not War” is the theme of the video. We try to show in the music video that it doesn’t matter what race you are, which language you speak, or where you’re from if you love someone. I was trying to unite different races, and in my video you can Irina Shapirosee there are Russian girls meeting American soldiers. It doesn’t mean they speak the same language, but they fall in love. The most important thing is unity and respect, no matter your background.

In addition to “Make Love, Not War,” what other issues do you care about?
I believe in God and karma! Never exchange your heart and soul for money. You never know what will happen tomorrow, and there is only one day you can’t change–yesterday. So live your life thankfully and be aware of every step you take. It’s your future!
Image courtesy of Quavando.
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